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The Spirit of Colin McCahon

Zoe Alderton Author

Making Meaning, Making Money

Lisa Andersen Editor
Kate Oakley Editor

Rivals and Conspirators

Fae Brauer Author


Gavin Keeney Author

Incarnations of Material...

Katarzyna Bazarnik Editor
Izabela Curyłło-Klag Editor

The Art of the Caveman

John McDonagh Author

Rembrandt's Passion Series

Simon McNamara Author

English, Colonial, Modern and...

Anna Crighton Author

Hunting the Collectors

Pacific Focus (Series)

Susan Cochrane Editor
Max Quanchi Editor

Mediating Religious Cultures...

Torrance Kirby Editor
Matthew Milner Editor

Popular and Visual Culture

Clara Sarmento Editor
Ricardo Campos Editor

Neo-Islamic Culture's...

Asli Kotaman Editor
Artun Avcı Editor

Art and Book

Peter Stupples Editor

Post Celtic Tiger Ireland

Estelle Epinoux Editor
Frank Healy Editor

George Bellows Revisited

Nannette Maciejunes Author

Art in the Age of Emergence

Michael Pearce Author

Gender and Sexual Dissidence...

Silvia Grassi Author

Useless Beauty

Ann Elias Author

Flowers and Towers

Nira Tessler Author

Of Treason, God and Testicles

Kathleen Starck Author

Curating Differently

Jessica Sjöholm Skrubbe Editor

Seeing Whole

Mark Ledbetter Editor
Asbjørn Grønstad Editor

The Art of Survival

Anna Chitando Editor
Joseph Chikowero Editor

The Art of the Real

Roger Rothman Editor
Ian Verstegen Editor

The Future of (High) Culture...

Daniel Asia Editor

The Tradition of the Image of...

Mark Guscin Author

Theorising the Popular

Michael Brennan Editor

Louise Lightfoot in Search of...

Louise Lightfoot Author
Amit Sarwa Author

Forgotten British Film

Philip Gillett Author

Theatre Theory and Performance

Siddhartha Biswas Author

Round Heads

Jitka Soukopova Author

Russian Émigré Culture

Christoph Flamm Editor
Henry Keazor Editor

The Digital Learning...

Ann Marcus-Quinn Editor

Art and the Artist in Society

José Jiménez-Justiniano Editor
Elsa Luciano Feal Editor

Art and Time

Derek Allan Author

Arts and Terror

Vladimir L. Marchenkov Editor

Aspects of Transnational and...

Hsinya Huang Editor
Clara Shu-Chun Chang Editor

Beyond Buildings

J. D. Ragsdale Author

Art and Food

Peter Stupples Editor

Creativity and Reproduction

Susanne Anderson-Riedel Author

Colour in Sculpture

Hannelore Hägele Author

The Statue of Zeus at Olympia

Janette McWilliam Editor
Sonia Puttock Editor

Frederick Kiesler

Shirley Haines-Cooke Author

Etching Our Own Image

Holly Arida Editor
Anan Ameri Editor

Performance and Ethnography

Peter Harrop Editor
Dunja Njaradi Editor

Across the Great Divide

Christopher Townsend Editor
Alexandra Trott Editor

Grace Crowley's Contribution...

Dianne Ottley Author

Le mensonge

Kate Averis Editor
Matthew Moran Editor