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Handbook of Natural Toxins

Anthony Tu Editor

Radiological Atlas of Child...

Amaka Offiah Author
Christine Hall Author

Dynamics of Transcendental...

Xin-Hou Hua Editor

Infrared Technology Fundamentals

Monroe Schlessinger Author

Heterocyclic N-oxides

Angelo Albini Author

The Development of...

Routledge Revivals (Series)

William T. Jackman Author

Nonlinear Evolution and...

Behzad Djafari Rouhani Author

Agricultural Systems Modeling...

Books in Soils, Plants, and the Environment (Series)

Robert M. Peart Editor
W. David Shoup Editor

Designing for Safe Use

Michael Wiklund Author
Jonathan Kendler Author

Nano- and...

Sergey Edward Lyshevski Author

Extremal Optimization

Yong-Zai Lu Author
Yu-Wang Chen Author

Basic Notes in Psychiatry

Michael Levi Author

Point Processes

D.R. Cox Author
Valerie Isham Author

Reliable Control and...

Automation and Control Engineering (Series)

Guang-Hong Yang Author
Dan Ye Author

Sustainable Catalysis in...

Pedro Lozano Editor

Wireless, Networking, Radar,...

The Digital Signal Processing Handbook, Second Edition (Series)

Vijay Madisetti Author

Statistics for Business

Perumal Mariappan Author

Renewable Energy Systems from...

Vladimir Strezov Editor
Hossain Md. Anawar Editor

Reindeer and Caribou

Morten Tryland Editor
Susan J. Kutz Editor

Indoor Air Quality and HVAC...

David W. Bearg Author

Measuring Crime

ASA-CRC on Statistical Reasoning in Science and Society (Series)

Sharon L. Lohr Author

The New Doctor, Patient,...

Peter Bailey Author

Neuropharmacology Methods in...

Steven L. Peterson Editor
Timothy E. Albertson Editor

Structure- and...

Shih-Yang Lin Author
Ngoc Thanh Thuy Tran Author

Solution and Surface...

Eli Ruckenstein Editor
Hangquan Li Editor


Alan Jennings Author

System Safety Engineering and...

Nicholas J. Bahr Author

Carbon Capture, Storage and...

Malti Goel Editor
M. Sudhakar Editor

Mechanical Fastening, Joining...

James A. Speck Author

The Finite Element Method...

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Series)

Young W. Kwon Author
Hyochoong Bang Author

Memory Management for...

Praveen K. Murthy Author
Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya Author

Handbook of Imaging Materials

Optical Science and Engineering (Series)

Arthur S. Diamond Editor

Handbook of Analytic Operator...

CRC Press/Chapman and Hall Handbooks in Mathematics (Series)

Kehe Zhu Editor

Analysis and Design of...

Yuan Yuan Author
Hongjiu Yang Author

Advanced Functional Analysis

Eberhard Malkowsky Author
Vladimir Rakočević Author

Transport Planning and...

Geetam Tiwari Editor
Dinesh Mohan Editor

Liquid Crystals

Patrick Oswald Author
Pawel Pieranski Author

Evolutionary Electronics

International on Computational Intelligence (Series)

Ricardo Salem Zebulum Author
Marco Aurelio Pacheco Author

Optical Principles and...

Mechanical Engineering (Series)

James Stewart Author

On Beyond Uranium

Sigurd Hofmann Author

Venous Access Made Easy

James Michael Forsyth Author
Ahmed Shalan Author

Remediation of Hazardous...

DonaldL. Wise Author

An Introduction to Neural...

Kevin Gurney Author


Rui Valadas Author

Enumerative Combinatorics

Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications (Series)

Charalambos A. Charalambides Author

Planetary Remote Sensing and...

Bo Wu Editor
Kaichang Di Editor

Control Theory for Humans

Richard J. Jagacinski Author
John M. Flach Author