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Computational Science and...

Arpan Deyasi Editor
Soumen Mukherjee Editor

Digital Design and Verilog...

Joseph Cavanagh Author

Cloud Computing with...

Olivier Terzo Editor
Lorenzo Mossucca Editor

Data Flow Analysis

Uday Khedker Author
Amitabha Sanyal Author

The Data Book

Meredith Zozus Author

Discrete Problems in Nature...

Anupam Prof. Shukla Author
Ritu Tiwari Author

Communication, Management and...

Marcelo Sampaio de Alencar Editor

Knowledge Management in Practice

Anthony J. Rhem Author

Practical Cloud Security

Melvin B. Greer, Jr. Author
Kevin L. Jackson Author

The CIO's Guide to Risk

Jessica Keyes Author

Case Studies in Strategic...

Hakan Butuner Author

Electronics, Communications...

Amir Hussain Editor
Mirjana Ivanovic Editor

White Space Is Not Your Enemy

Kim Golombisky Author
Rebecca Hagen Author

Essential Mathematics for...

James M. Van Verth Author
Lars M. Bishop Author

New Directions in Internet...

Sanjiv Purba Editor

Clustering and Routing...

Pratyay Kuila Author
Prasanta K Jana Author

PCI Compliance

Abhay Bhargav Author

Portfolio Management

PMP, PgMP, Ginger Levin Editor
PfMP, John Wyzalek Editor

Logical Database Design...

John Garmany Author
Jeff Walker Author

Security without Obscurity

Jeff Stapleton Author
W. Clay Epstein Author

GPU Pro 4

Wolfgang Engel Editor

Enterprise Integration and...

Li Da Xu Author

Coding and Signal Processing...

Bane Vasic Editor
Erozan M. Kurtas Editor

Image Processing and Pattern...

Stepan Bilan Author
Sergey Yuzhakov Author

Successful Program Management

Wanda Curlee Author
Robert Lee Gordon Author

Interactive InDesign CC

Mira Rubin Author

Computational Intelligence...

Yi Chen Author
Yun Li Author

Application Servers for...

Lisa E. Lindgren Author

The SAP Materials Management...

Ashfaque Ahmed Author

Digital Design

Mohammad A. Karim Author
Xinghao Chen Author

Elementary Mathematical and...

Jamal T. Manassah Author

Green Computing

Bud E. Smith Author

Distributed System Design

Jie Wu Author

A Systemic Perspective on...

Jeffrey Yi-lin Forrest Author

Software Testing and...

William E. Lewis Author

Game AI Pro 3

Steve Rabin Editor

Handbook of Digital Image...

Vincent Pegoraro Author

Human Factors in Simple and...

Robert W. Proctor Author
Trisha Van Zandt Author

.NET 4 for Enterprise...

Sudhanshu Hate Author
Suchi Paharia Author

Simulation Modeling Handbook

Christopher A. Chung Editor

Creative, Efficient, and...

Ralph L. Kliem Author

Guide to Writing Empirical...

G. David Garson Author

Practical Cryptography

Saiful Azad Editor
Al-Sakib Khan Pathan Editor

Software Designers in Action

Marian Petre Editor
Andre Van Der Hoek Editor

Principles of Mobile...

Mazliza Othman Author

Cloud Computing

Frederic Magoules Author
Jie Pan Author

Quantitative Graph Theory

Matthias Dehmer Editor
Frank Emmert-Streib Editor

Implementing SAP CRM

Vivek Kale Author