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Hussein K. Abdel-Aal Author

Introduction to Optimization...

Louis Theodore Author
Kelly Behan Author

Aqueous Phase Adsorption

Jayant K Singh Editor
Nishith Verma Editor

Sol-Gel Materials

John D. Wright Author
Nico A.J.M. Sommerdijk Author

Catalytic Naphtha Reforming...

Soni O Oyekan Author

Theory and Technology of...

V.L. Mazur Author
O. V. Nogovitsyn Author

Sustainable Catalysis in...

Pedro Lozano Editor

Photosynthetic Protein-Based...

Swee Ching Tan Editor

Friction, Wear, Lubrication

Kenneth C Ludema Author
Layo Ajayi Author

Fingerprinting Analysis and...

Ravindra Kumar Pandey Author
Shiv Shankar Shukla Author

Renewable Energy Systems from...

Vladimir Strezov Editor
Hossain Md. Anawar Editor

Handbook of Humidity...

Ghenadii Korotcenkov Author

Wetting Theory

Eli Ruckenstein Author
Gersh Berim Author

CRC Handbook of Furnace...

CRC Press Revivals (Series)

Asha Varma Author

Natural Products and...

Clinical Pharmacognosy (Series)

Catherina Caballero George Editor

Intellectual Property in...

Nelson Durán Author
Leandro Carneiro Fonseca Author

Perfluoroalkyl Substances in...

Environmental and Occupational Health (Series)

David M. Kempisty Editor
Yun Xing Editor

Advanced Polymeric Materials...

Sajith Thottathil Editor
Sabu Thomas Editor


CRC Press Revivals (Series)

Book 2

Jacques Buffle Author
Herman P. Van Leeuwen Author

Fundamentals of Molecular...

in Chemical Physics (Series)

P.R. Bunker Author
P. Jensen Author

Modern Electrosynthetic...

New Directions in Organic & Biological Chemistry (Series)

Frank Marken Editor
Mahito Atobe Editor

Convective Heat and Mass...

Heat Transfer (Series)

S. Mostafa Ghiaasiaan Author

Microdrop Generation

Nano- and Microscience, Engineering, Technology and Medicine (Series)

Eric R. Lee Author

Encyclopedia of Aluminum and...

Metals and Alloys Encyclopedia Collection (Series)

George E. Totten Editor
Murat Tiryakioglu Editor

Heterocyclic N-oxides

Angelo Albini Author

Unit Operations Handbook

John J. McKetta Jr Editor

Cell Adhesion in...

Martin Hjortso Editor

Analytical Method Development...

Michael E. Swartz Editor
Ira S. Krull Editor

Drug-Drug Interactions

A. David Rodrigues Editor

Laboratory Techniques in...

Peter Kissinger Editor
William R. Heineman Editor

CRC Handbook of Chromatography

Ram N. Gupta Author

Modeling and Simulation of...

Nayef Ghasem Author


Cox Author

Chemical Ecology

Melany P. Puglisi Editor
Mikel A. Becerro Editor

Polymeric Membrane Synthesis,...

Chandan Das Author
Kibrom Alebel Gebru Author

2D Materials

Craig E. Banks Editor
Dale A. C. Brownson Editor

Corrosion Analysis

Michael Dornbusch Author

Statistical Mechanics for...

Biman Bagchi Author

Synthesis Green Metrics

John Andraos Author

Intelligent Control in Drying

Advances in Drying Science and Technology (Series)

Alex Martynenko Editor
Andreas Bück Editor

Nano and Molecular...

Nano- and Microscience, Engineering, Technology and Medicine (Series)

Sergey Edward Lyshevski Editor


Vanesa Calvino-Casilda Editor
Antonio José López-Peinado Editor

Reaction Green Metrics

John Andraos Author

Operational Procedures...

Marciel Agop Author
Ioan Merches Author

Basic Principles of...

Wesley C. Sanders Author

Handbook of Food Engineering

Dennis R. Heldman Editor
Daryl B. Lund Editor

Ethics in Science

John G D'Angelo Author

Sterilization of Medical Devices

Anne Booth Author