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Carbon Capture, Storage and...

Malti Goel Editor
M. Sudhakar Editor

Safety and Quality in Medical...

John W. Overton Editor

Memory Management for...

Praveen K. Murthy Author
Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya Author

Solid Lubrication...

Materials Engineering (Series)

Kazuhisa Miyoshi Editor

Structure- and...

Shih-Yang Lin Author
Ngoc Thanh Thuy Tran Author

Solution and Surface...

Eli Ruckenstein Editor
Hangquan Li Editor

Human Factors in the Maritime...

Michelle Grech Author
Tim Horberry Author

Intelligence in IoT-enabled...

Fadi Al-Turjman Author

Food Biopreservatives of...

Bibek Ray Author

Rethinking Faecal Sludge...

IHE Delft PhD Thesis (Series)

Fiona Zakaria Author

Basic Concepts in...

Kenneth M. Mackenthun Author

Industrial Engineering

Bopaya Bidanda Editor
Ihsan Sabuncuoglu Editor

Manual for the Examination of...

Routledge Revivals (Series)

Colin Anderson Author

Engineering Dynamics and...

Junbo Jia Editor
Jeom Kee Paik Editor

Spintronics Handbook

Evgeny Y. Tsymbal Editor
Igor Žutić Editor

CRC Handbook of Thermoelectrics

D.M. Rowe Editor

Phenomenological Creep Models...

Leo Razdolsky Author

Protection of Public Health...

IHE Delft PhD Thesis (Series)

Yuli Ekowati Author

Cloud Computing in Remote...

Lizhe Wang Author
Jining Yan Author

Design of Reinforced Concrete...

Mark Aschheim Author
Enrique Hernández-Montes Author

Principles of Structural Design

Ram S. Gupta Author

Logan's Turbomachinery

Mechanical Engineering (Series)

Bijay Sultanian Author

Analyzing Sensory Data with R

Chapman & Hall/CRC the R (Series)

Sebastien Le Author
Thierry Worch Author

Wetting Theory

Eli Ruckenstein Author
Gersh Berim Author

5G-Enabled Internet of Things

Yulei Wu Editor
Haojun Huang Editor

Groundwater Vulnerability...

Prashant Kumar Author
Praveen Thakur Author

Spatial Thinking in...

Sandra Lach Arlinghaus Editor
Joseph J. Kerski Editor

Sensory Evaluation of Sound

Nick Zacharov Editor

Corrosion Protection for the...

Mavis Sika Okyere Author

Responsible Manufacturing

Ammar Y. Alqahtani Editor
Elif Kongar Editor

Building Performance...

Jan L.M. Hensen Editor
Roberto Lamberts Editor

Corrosion Performance of...

European Federation of Corrosion Publications (Series)

Roger Francis Author


Gene A. Spiller Author

Fundamentals of...

Marc J. Madou Author

Planetary Remote Sensing and...

Bo Wu Editor
Kaichang Di Editor


Rui Valadas Author

The Paradigm of Forests and...

Sergio A. Molina-Murillo Editor
Carlos Rojas Alvarado Editor

Designing Transportation...

Carryl L. Baldwin Author
Bridget A. Lewis Author

Foodborne Disease Handbook

Y. H. Hui Author

Handbook on Spray Drying...

M. Selvamuthukumaran Editor

Nonlinear Dynamics of...

Adnan Ibrahimbegovic Author
Naida Ademović Author

The Development of...

Routledge Revivals (Series)

William T. Jackman Author

International Food Safety...

Kees van der Heijden Author

Infrared Technology Fundamentals

Monroe Schlessinger Author

Handbook of Natural Toxins

Anthony Tu Editor

Ergonomics and...

Richard Graveling Editor

Advances in Nanostructured...

Mahmood Aliofkhazraei Editor

Indoor Air Quality and HVAC...

David W. Bearg Author