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Human Factors in Flight

Craig S. Funk Author

Engineering Mathematics

John Bird Author

Sustainable Buildings and...

Annie R. Pearce Author
Yong Han Ahn Author

Pre-Accident Investigations

Todd Conklin Author

Albright's Chemical...

Lyle Albright Editor

Project Management Lessons...

Mel Bost Author

Energy and Society

Harold H. Schobert Author

Elements of Power Systems

Pradip Kumar Sadhu Author
Soumya Das Author

Cyber and Electromagnetic...

Vladimir Gurevich Author

Domesticating Drones

Henry H Perritt, Jr. Author
Eliot O Sprague Author

Concrete and Steel Construction

Mohamed A. El-Reedy Author

Prestressed Concrete Designer...

P.W. Abeles Author
B K Bardhan-Roy Author

Technical Writing

What Every Engineer Should Know (Series)

Phillip A. Laplante Author

CRC Materials Science and...

James F. Shackelford Author
Young-Hwan Han Author

The Safety Anarchist

Sidney Dekker Author

Cultural Dynamics in a...

Melani Budianta Editor
Manneke Budiman Editor

Load Flow Optimization and...

J. C. Das Author

Modern Electric, Hybrid...

Mehrdad Ehsani Author
Yimin Gao Author

Sustainable Living

Nalanie Mithraratne Author
Brenda Vale Author

Electric Power Distribution...

Power Engineering (Willis) (Series)

Richard E. Brown Author

Power Quality

Electric Power Engineering (Series)

C. Sankaran Author

Power Distribution Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering (Series)

James J. Burke Author

Smart Grids

Electric Power and Energy Engineering (Series)

Stuart Borlase Editor

Data Visualization

Alexandru C. Telea Author

Control and Automation of...

James Northcote-Green Author
Robert G. Wilson Author

Project Management in Extreme...

Leading Works from the French School of Management (Series)

Monique Aubry Editor
Pascal Lievre Editor

Artificial Intelligence

Chapman & Hall/CRC Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (Series)

Richard E. Neapolitan Author
Xia Jiang Author

Transforming Organizations

Continuous Improvement (Series)

Kathryn A. LeRoy Author

Electric Power Substations...

Electrical Engineering Hand (Series)

John D. McDonald Editor

Electric and Plug-in Hybrid...

Automation and Control Engineering (Series)

Emanuele Crisostomi Author
Robert Shorten Author

Requirements Engineering for...

Applied Software Engineering (Series)

Phillip A. Laplante Author

Restructured Electrical Power...

Power Engineering (Willis) (Series)

Mohammad Shahidehpour Author
M. Alomoush Author

Physical Hazards of the...

Occupational Safety & Health Guide (Series)

Barry Spurlock Author

Behavior Trees in Robotics...

Chapman & Hall/CRC Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (Series)

Michele Colledanchise Author
Petter Ă–gren Author

Food Spoilage Microorganisms

Food Microbiology (Series)

Yanbo Wang Editor
Wangang Zhang Editor

Data-Driven Storytelling

AK Peters Visualization (Series)

Nathalie Henry Riche Editor
Christophe Hurter Editor

The Mechanical Systems Design...

Electrical Engineering Hand (Series)

Yildirim Hurmuzlu Editor
Osita D.I. Nwokah Editor

Command and Control

Human Factors in Defence (Series)

Guy H Walker Author
Neville A. Stanton Author

Practical Guide to Designed...

Paul D. Funkenbusch Author

The Electronic Chart Display...

Adam Weintrit Author

A Systematic Approach to...

Wyatt Newman Author

Medical Big Data and Internet...

Aboul Ella Hassanien Editor
Nilanjan Dey Editor

A Life in Error

James Reason Author

Internet of Things, for...

Internal Audit and IT Audit (Series)

Abhik Chaudhuri Author

The Human Factor in Project...

Best Practices in Portfolio, Program, and Project Management (Series)

Denise Thompson Author

Circuits and Systems for...

Devices, Circuits, and Systems (Series)

Farhana Sheikh Editor
Leonel Sousa Editor

Civil Engineer's Reference Book

L S Blake Editor