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Aircraft Communications and...

Mike Tooley Author

The Streetwise Subbie

John Russell Author
John Russell Author

Online Learning for STEM...

Mark Childs Editor
Robby Soetanto Editor

Human Factors Methods and...

Paul M. Salmon Author
Neville A. Stanton Author

Silicon Based Unified Memory...

Arup Bhattacharyya Author

Advanced Remote Sensing...

Maged Marghany Author

Heat and Mass Transfer in...

Keith J. Moss Author

The Stamp Duty Land Tax Handbook

Tony Johnson Author
Chris Hart Author

The Tall Buildings Reference...

David Parker Editor
Antony Wood Editor

Renewable Energy in the...

Peter Prag Author

Natural Gas Energy Measurement

A. Attari Editor
D.L. Klass Editor

Engineering Applications of...

Ian C Turner Author

Contaminated Sediments in...

Frank R. Spellman Author

Decision-Making in High Risk...

Anthony J. Spurgin Author
David W. Stupples Author

Design Error

Ronald William Day Author

Analysis and Analyzers

Béla G. Lipták Editor
Kriszta Venczel Editor

Geologic Fundamentals of...

David R. Boden Author

Mining in the Himalayas

A.K. Soni Author

Progress in Maritime...

Carlos Guedes Soares Editor
T.A. Santos Editor

Renewable Energy Systems

Viktor Perelmuter Author

Results-Based Systematic...

Hakan Butuner Author

Spatial Health Inequalities

Esra Ozdenerol Author

Strategic GIS Planning and...

David A. Holdstock Author

Introduction to AutoCAD 2013

Alf Yarwood Author

Hydrologic Remote Sensing

Yang Hong Editor
Yu Zhang Editor

Numerical Methods in...

Jamshid Ghaboussi Author
Xiping Steven Wu Author

Large Turbo-Generators

Isidor Kerszenbaum Author
Geoff Klempner Author

Wetland Indicators

Ralph W. Tiner Author

Municipal Solid Waste...

Sunil Kumar Author

Robust Control Engineering

Mario Garcia-Sanz Author

Safety-I and Safety-II

Erik Hollnagel Author

Cognitive Work Analysis

Neville A. Stanton Editor
Paul M. Salmon Editor

Solving Complex Industrial...

Ralph R. Pawlak Author

The Handbook of Sustainable...

Baker Nick Author


Nassir H. Sabah Author

Engineering Systems...

B.S. Dhillon Author

Wireless Security and...

Nicolas Sklavos Editor
Xinmiao Zhang Editor

Advanced Video Communications...

Ce Zhu Editor
Yuenan Li Editor

Digital Design and Verilog...

Joseph Cavanagh Author

Fluid Mechanics for Civil and...

Ahlam I. Shalaby Author

Detection Theory

Ralph D. Hippenstiel Author

Cloud Computing with...

Olivier Terzo Editor
Lorenzo Mossucca Editor

Adaptive Filtering

Alexander D. Poularikas Author

Cyber and Electromagnetic...

Vladimir Gurevich Author

RFID Design Fundamentals and...

Albert Lozano-Nieto Author

Laser Modeling

Mark Steven Csele Author

Recommended Practice for...

Bijan Kermani Author