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Geographic Information...

Ian Masser Editor

Condensed Isogeometric...

Buntara Gan Author

Selenium Research for...

Gary Bañuelos Editor
Zhi-qing Lin Editor

Fundamentals and Source...

Nano and Energy (Series)

Radian Belu Author

Petroleum Refining

Mark J. Kaiser Author
Arno de Klerk Author

Human Factors in Aircraft...

Demetris Yiannakides Author
Charalampos Sergiou Author

Risk-Led Safety

Duncan Spencer Author
Chris Jerman Author

Fiber Optic Communications

Routledge Revivals (Series)

Lynne D. Green Author

Arctic and Environmental Change

J.A. Dowdeswell Editor

Flavor Development for...

Nutraceuticals (Series)

M. Selvamuthukumaran Editor
Yashwant V Pathak Editor

Industrial Maintenance

José Baptista Author

Design and Optimization of...

Mechanical Engineering (Series)

Yogesh Jaluria Author

Computer Vision and Image...

Manas Kamal Bhuyan Author

Spon's External Works and...

Spon's Price (Series)

AECOM Editor

Innovative Technologies in...

Contemporary Food Engineering (Series)

Yesim Ozogul Editor

Metallic Glass-Based...

Sumit Sharma Editor

Autofrettage Processes

Uday S Dixit Author
Seikh Mustafa Kamal Author


V R Preedy Editor
Ronald R. Watson Editor

Automatic Detection...

Maged Marghany Author

Modeling, Control, Estimation...

Zhixiong Zhong Author

Applications of Small...

J.B. Sharma Editor

Developments in the Collision...

Proceedings in Marine Technology and Ocean Engineering (Series)

Carlos Guedes Soares Editor

Postharvest Pathology of...

Lluís Palou Editor
Joseph L. Smilanick Editor

Mathematics in Engineering...

Mathematical Engineering, Manufacturing, and Management Sciences (Series)

Mangey Ram Editor

Energy Storage, Grid...

Nano and Energy (Series)

Radian Belu Author

Fundamentals of Ecotoxicology

Michael C. Newman Author

Artificial Intelligence in...

Lia Morra Author
Silvia Delsanto Author

Workshop Technology Part 1

W. Chapman Author

Optimisation of Dynamic...

IHE Delft PhD Thesis (Series)

Juan Carlos Chacon-Hurtado Author

Detection and Identification...

Carl E. Baum Author

Topical Issues of Rational...

Vladimir Litvinenko Editor

Engineering Drawing with CAD...

O. Ostrowsky Author

Mathematics Pocket Book for...

Routledge Pocket (Series)

John Bird Author

Hybrid Computational...

Siddhartha Bhattacharyya Editor
Václav Snášel Editor

Solutions for Sustainable...

Klára Szita Tóthné Editor
Károly Jármai Editor

Assessment of Key Issues in...

Renzo Shamey Editor

Fossil Free Fuels

Maniruzzaman Bin A. Aziz Editor
Khairul Anuar Kassim Editor

Human Performance in...

Mustapha Mouloua Editor
Peter A. Hancock Editor

Switch/Router Architectures

James Aweya Author

Visible Light Communication...

Mohsen Kavehrad Author
Reza Aminikashani Author

The Development of Women and...

Michele Kruger Author
Hannelie Nel Author

Critical and Rare Earth Elements

Abhilash Editor
Ata Akcil Editor

Multiphase Particulate...

Wioletta Podgórska Author

Advanced Electrical...

Trevor Linsley Author

Regularized Image...

Joseph Suresh Paul Author
Raji Susan Mathew Author

Additive Manufacturing

Manu Srivastava Author
Sandeep Rathee Author

Handbook for Environmental...

C. Richard Cothern Editor

Computer Vision-Based...

Han Zhongzhi Author