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Wastewater Organisms a Color...

Sharon G. Berk Author

Rapid Prototyping and...

Fuewen Frank Liou Author

Nonlinear Dynamics of...

Adnan Ibrahimbegovic Author
Naida Ademović Author

Biomaterials Science and...

Yaser Dahman Author

Analysis and Design of...

Yuan Yuan Author
Hongjiu Yang Author

Introduction to Unified...

Mao-Hong Yu Author
Shu-Qi Yu Author

Cytology, Histology and...

Routledge Revivals (Series)

Alan R. Biggs Editor

Designing Transportation...

Carryl L. Baldwin Author
Bridget A. Lewis Author

Physical modelling in coastal...

R.A. Dalrymple Editor

Aquatic Effects of Acidic...

Timothy J Sullivan Author

Patient Safety Culture

Patrick Waterson Editor

Human Heat Stress

Ken Parsons Author

Ecology of Streams and Rivers

Eugene Angelier Author

Modern Soil Microbiology

Jan Dirk van Elsas Editor
Jack T. Trevors Editor

Basic Concepts in...

Kenneth M. Mackenthun Author

Handbook of Natural Toxins

Anthony Tu Editor

Applied Sensory Analy of Foods

HowardR. Moskowitz Author

Electronic Measurement Systems

A.F.P Van Putten Author

Computer-Aided Design,...

Cornelius T. Leondes Editor

Intelligence in IoT-enabled...

Fadi Al-Turjman Author

Room Acoustics

Heinrich Kuttruff Author

Infrared Technology Fundamentals

Monroe Schlessinger Author


Edward J. Rothwell Author
Michael J. Cloud Author

Road Engineering for Development

Richard Robinson Author
Bent Thagesen Author

Performance Evaluation and...

Lizy Kurian John Editor
Lieven Eeckhout Editor

Systems Engineering

Dahai Liu Author

Mechanical Fastening, Joining...

James A. Speck Author

Handbook of Natural Pesticides

N. Bhushan Mandava Author

Healthful Lipids

Casimir C. Akoh Author

Distributed Strategic...

Hamidou Tembine Author

Intelligent Energy Field...

Wenwu Zhang Editor

Reconfigurable and Adaptive...

Nadia Nedjah Editor
Chao Wang Editor

Lean Problem Solving and QC...

Maharshi Samanta Author

Northern Forested Wetlands...

Carl C. Trettin Author

Engineering Mathematics and...

Nicholas P Cheremisinoff Author
Paul N Cheremisinoff Author

Principles of...

Jeffrey M. Farber Editor

Pesticides in Surface Waters

Steven J. Larson Author

Osha Laboratory...

Richard Ennis Author


Gene A. Spiller Author

Human Resources and Change...

Occupational Safety & Health Guide (Series)

Thomas D. Schneid Author
Shelby L. Schneid Author

Fatigue Design

Eliahu Zahavi Author

Introduction to Feedback...

Hitay Ozbay Author

Safety and Health in Confined...

Neil McManus Author

Introduction to the...

Kevin J. Hastings Author

Lubrication in Practice

W. L. Robertson Author

Handbook of Optical Materials

Laser & Optical Science & Technology (Series)

Marvin J. Weber Author

Nonlinear Aspects of...

Electronic Engineering Systems (Series)

Andrzej Borys Author

Electric Relays

Electrical and Computer Engineering (Series)

Vladimir Gurevich Author