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1 IET Wiring Regulations

Brian Scaddan Author

1-Dimensional Metal Oxide...

Advances in Materials Science and Engineering (Series)

Zainovia Lockman Editor

2-D Electromagnetic...

Alejandro D. Jimenez Author

2D Materials

Craig E. Banks Editor
Dale A. C. Brownson Editor

4. Risk Reduction...

Engineering Tools for Environmental Risk Management (Series)

Katalin Gruiz Editor
Tamás Meggyes Editor

5G LTE Narrowband Internet of...

Hossam Fattah Author

5G Mobile Communications

Saad Asif Author

A Beginner's Guide to Image...

Intelligent Signal Processing and Data Analysis (Series)

Jyotismita Chaki Author
Nilanjan Dey Author

A First Course in Quality...

K. S. Krishnamoorthi Author
V. Ram Krishnamoorthi Author

A Practical Guide to...

Karen Scrivener Editor
Ruben Snellings Editor

A Review of the Alumina/Ag-Cu...

Tahsin Ali Kassam Author

A Textbook on ATM...

P. S. Neelakanta Author

AC Motor Control and...

Kwang Hee Nam Author

AC Power Systems Handbook

Electronics Handbook (Series)

Jerry C. Whitaker Author

Acousto-Optical Laser Systems...

Yu V. Gulyaev Author
M. A. Kazaryan Author

Active Filters

S.A. Pactitis Author

Adaptation and Cross Layer...

Mohamed Ibnkahla Editor

Adaptation in Wireless...

Electrical Engineering & Applied Signal Processing (Series)

Mohamed Ibnkahla Author

Adaptive Antennas and Receivers

Electrical and Computer Engineering (Series)

Melvin M. Weiner Editor

Adaptive Image Processing

Image Processing (Series)

Kim-Hui Yap Author
Ling Guan Author

Additive Manufacturing

Manufacturing Design and Technology (Series)

Rupinder Singh Editor
J. Paulo Davim Editor

Adhesives in Manufacturing

Schneberger Author

Advanced Applications in...

Prasad S. Thenkabail Editor
John G. Lyon Editor

Advanced Bifunctional...

Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion (Series)

Yan-Jie Wang Author
Rusheng Yuan Author

Advanced Biological, Physical...

Antoine Prandota Trzcinski Author

Advanced Error Control...

Erozan M. Kurtas Editor
Bane Vasic Editor

Advanced Fracture Mechanics...

Ashok Saxena Author

Advanced Image Processing in...

Signal Processing and Communications (Series)

Luigi Landini Editor
Vincenzo Positano Editor

Advanced Materials for...

Stephen Gray Editor
Toshinori Tsuru Editor

Advanced Nanoelectronics

Nano and Energy (Series)

Razali Ismail Editor
Mohammad Taghi Ahmadi Editor

Advanced Polymeric Materials...

Sajith Thottathil Editor
Sabu Thomas Editor

Advanced Product Quality...

Practical Quality of the Future (Series)

D. H. Stamatis Author

Advanced Remote Sensing...

Maged Marghany Author

Advanced Structural Analysis...

Srinivasan Chandrasekaran Author

Advances in Discrete-Time...

Ahmadreza Argha Author
Steven Su Author

Advances in Macrofungi

Kandikere Ramaiah Sridhar Editor
Sunil Kumar Deshmukh Editor

Advances in Manufacturing and...

Yoseph Bar-Cohen Editor

Advances in Materials and...

Eyad Masad Editor
Amit Bhasin Editor

Advances in Microwave Chemistry

New Directions in Organic & Biological Chemistry (Series)

Bimal K Banik Editor
Debasish Bandyopadhyay Editor

Advances in Numerical Heat...

W.J Minkowycz Author
E.M Sparrow Author

Advances in Polymer Blends...

Kier Finlayson Editor

Advances in Renewable...

Carlos Guedes Soares Editor

Advances in SAR Remote...

Xiaofeng Li Editor
Huadong Guo Editor

Advances in Swarm...

Anand Nayyar Editor
Dac-Nhuong Le Editor

Ageing of Infrastructure

Frank Collins Author
Frédéric Blin Author

Agent-Based Modeling of...

Todd K. BenDor Author
Jürgen Scheffran Author

Agricultural Systems Modeling...

Books in Soils, Plants, and the Environment (Series)

Robert M. Peart Editor
W. David Shoup Editor

Agronomic Rice Practices and...

Deepak Kumar Verma Editor
Prem Prakash Srivastav Editor