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Advanced Remote Sensing...

Maged Marghany Author

Project Management Lessons...

Mel Bost Author

Lexicon of Pulse Crops

Aleksandar Mikić Author

Town and Infrastructure...

Michèle Pezzagno Editor
Maurizio Tira Editor

SIP Handbook

Syed A. Ahson Editor
Mohammad Ilyas Editor

Guidelines for Process...

Nigel Hyatt Author

Introduction to RF Power...

Abdullah Eroglu Author


Hussein K. Abdel-Aal Author

Ergonomics and...

Richard Graveling Editor

Basic Electrical Installation...

Trevor Linsley Author

Sensory Evaluation of Sound

Nick Zacharov Editor

Condition Monitoring and...

Nordin Saad Author
Muhammad Irfan Author

Mobile WiMAX Systems

Mohammed Khalid Salman Fadhil Author
Abid Yahya Author


Bhupinder Singh Editor

Fundamentals, Sensor Systems,...

Prasad S. Thenkabail Editor
John G. Lyon Editor

Microwave Electronic Circuit...

Yoshihiro Konishi Author

Aqueous Phase Adsorption

Jayant K Singh Editor
Nishith Verma Editor

Site Investigation using...

Sahadat Hossain Author
Golam Kibria Author

Phenomenological Creep Models...

Leo Razdolsky Author

Wireless Multimedia...

K.R. Rao Author
Zoran S. Bojkovic Author

Handbook of Plant Disease...

Balaji Aglave Author

High Performance Embedded...

David R. Martinez Editor
Robert A. Bond Editor

Digital Microfluidic Biochips

Krishnendu Chakrabarty Author
Fei Su Author

Catalytic Naphtha Reforming...

Soni O Oyekan Author

Theory and Technology of...

V.L. Mazur Author
O. V. Nogovitsyn Author

Golf Turf Management

Lambert McCarty Author

Sustainable Catalysis in...

Pedro Lozano Editor

Mathematical Optics

Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan Editor
María L. Calvo Editor

Carbon Nanomaterials Sourcebook

Klaus D. Sattler Editor

Carbon Capture, Storage and...

Malti Goel Editor
M. Sudhakar Editor

Ceramic Interconnect...

Fred D. Barlow, III Editor
Aicha Elshabini Editor

Semiconductor Industry

J. Michael Sherer Author

Silicon Heterostructure Handbook

John D. Cressler Editor

Control and Mechatronics

Bodgan Wilamowski Editor
J. David Irwin Editor

Friction, Wear, Lubrication

Kenneth C Ludema Author
Layo Ajayi Author

Applied System Innovation

Teen-Hang Meen Editor
Stephen Prior Editor

Numerical Techniques in...

Matthew N.o. Sadiku Author

Wood Fracture Characterization

Marcelo F. S. F. de Moura Author
Nuno Dourado Author

Aquatic Ecosystems in a...

Donat-P Häder Author
Kunshan Gao Author

Environmental Engineering V

Malgorzata Pawlowska Editor
Lucjan Pawlowski Editor

Metal Cutting Theory and...

David A. Stephenson Author
John S. Agapiou Author

Environmental Systems...

Stefano Marsili-Libelli Author

Assessment, Evaluation, and...

Mohamed Abdallah El-Reedy Author

Szycher's Practical Handbook...

Michael Szycher Author

Prostate Cancer Imaging

Ayman El-Baz Editor
Gyan Pareek Editor

Optical Coding Theory with Prime

Wing C. Kwong Author
Guu-Chang Yang Author

Statistical Downscaling for...

Taesam Lee Author
Vijay P. Singh Author

Sheet Metal Meso- and...

Xin Min Lai Author
Ming Wang Fu Author