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Town and Infrastructure...

Michèle Pezzagno Editor
Maurizio Tira Editor

SIP Handbook

Syed A. Ahson Editor
Mohammad Ilyas Editor

Guidelines for Process...

Nigel Hyatt Author

Wireless Multimedia...

K.R. Rao Author
Zoran S. Bojkovic Author

Theory and Technology of...

V.L. Mazur Author
O. V. Nogovitsyn Author

Semiconductor Industry

J. Michael Sherer Author

Silicon Heterostructure Handbook

John D. Cressler Editor

Applied System Innovation

Teen-Hang Meen Editor
Stephen Prior Editor

Prostate Cancer Imaging

Ayman El-Baz Editor
Gyan Pareek Editor

Robotics and Automation Handbook

Thomas R. Kurfess Editor

Mechatronics and the Design...

David Allan Bradley Author
Derek Seward Author

Reverse Design

Ana Cristina Broega Editor
Joana Cunha Editor

Digital Video Transcoding for...

Huifang Sun Author
Tihao Chiang Author

Nonlinear Systems Tracking

Lyubomir T. Gruyitch Author

Protective Relay Principles

Anthony M. Sleva Author

Image Processing and Data...

Stacy A.C. Nelson Author
Siamak Khorram Author

Power Engineering

Viorel Badescu Editor
George Cristian Lazaroiu Editor

Biodental Engineering V

Jorge Belinha Editor
R.M. Natal Jorge Editor

Patient Safety Culture

Patrick Waterson Editor

Gaseous Electronics

Gorur Govinda Raju Author

Road Engineering for Development

Richard Robinson Author
Bent Thagesen Author

Performance Evaluation and...

Lizy Kurian John Editor
Lieven Eeckhout Editor

Mechanical Fastening, Joining...

James A. Speck Author

Hierarchic Electrodynamics...

Victor V. Kulish Author

Diffuse Optical Tomography

Huabei Jiang Author

Feedback, Nonlinear, and...

The Circuits and Filters Handbook, 3rd Edition (Series)

Wai-Kai Chen Editor

Intelligent Energy Field...

Wenwu Zhang Editor

Strain-Engineered MOSFETs

C.K. Maiti Author
T.K. Maiti Author

Reconfigurable and Adaptive...

Nadia Nedjah Editor
Chao Wang Editor

Structure Preserving Energy...

K.R. Padiyar Author

Wavelet Analysis in Civil...

Pranesh Chatterjee Author

Tensor Product Model...

Automation and Control Engineering (Series)

Péter Baranyi Author
Yeung Yam Author

Wireless, Networking, Radar,...

The Digital Signal Processing Handbook, Second Edition (Series)

Vijay Madisetti Author

Mobile Point-of-Care Monitors...

Devices, Circuits, and Systems (Series)

Walter Karlen Editor

Fundamental Fluid Mechanics...

Mechanical Engineering (Series)

James W. Murdock Author

The RF and Microwave Handbook...

Electrical Engineering Hand (Series)

Mike Golio Author

Biological and Medical...

Handbook of Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (Series)

Ben Greenebaum Editor
Frank Barnes Editor

The Industrial Information...

Industrial Electronics (Series)

Richard Zurawski Editor

Photonic MEMS Devices

Optical Science and Engineering (Series)

Ai-Qun Liu Author

Evolutionary Electronics

International on Computational Intelligence (Series)

Ricardo Salem Zebulum Author
Marco Aurelio Pacheco Author

Introduction to Food...

Contemporary Food Science (Series)

Perry Johnson-Green Author

Optical Inspection of...

Optical Science and Engineering (Series)

Wolfgang Osten Editor

The Control Systems Handbook

Electrical Engineering Hand (Series)

William S. Levine Editor

RF and Microwave Passive and...

The RF and Microwave Handbook, Second Edition (Series)

Mike Golio Editor
Janet Golio Editor

Reliability Engineering

Advanced Research in Reliability and System Assurance Engineering (Series)

Ilia Vonta Editor
Mangey Ram Editor

Measurement, Instrumentation,...

Electrical Engineering Hand (Series)

John G. Webster Editor
Halit Eren Editor

Adaptation in Wireless...

Electrical Engineering & Applied Signal Processing (Series)

Mohamed Ibnkahla Author

Modeling and Simulation-Based...

Engineering Management (Series)

Daniele Gianni Editor
Andrea D'Ambrogio Editor