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Advanced Remote Sensing...

Maged Marghany Author

Basic Guide to Pesticides

RachelCarsonCounselInc. Author


Mustafa Ozilgen Author
Esra Sorguven Oner Author

Contaminated Sediments in...

Frank R. Spellman Author

Analysis and Analyzers

Béla G. Lipták Editor
Kriszta Venczel Editor

Geologic Fundamentals of...

David R. Boden Author

Mining in the Himalayas

A.K. Soni Author

Spatial Health Inequalities

Esra Ozdenerol Author

Hydrologic Remote Sensing

Yang Hong Editor
Yu Zhang Editor

Numerical Methods in...

Jamshid Ghaboussi Author
Xiping Steven Wu Author

Large Turbo-Generators

Isidor Kerszenbaum Author
Geoff Klempner Author

Wetland Indicators

Ralph W. Tiner Author

Handbook of Metal-Microbe...

Surajit Das Editor
Hirak Ranjan Dash Editor

Municipal Solid Waste...

Sunil Kumar Author

Robust Control Engineering

Mario Garcia-Sanz Author

Marine Macrophytes as...

Emil Olafsson Editor

Design of Fishways and Other...

Charles H. Clay Author

Water Distribution System...

Abigail F. Cantor Author

Dictionary of Plant Genetics...

Gurbachan Miglani Author

Environmental Sampling and...

Maria Csuros Author

Recommended Practice for...

Bijan Kermani Author

Liquid Vapor Phase Change...

Van P. Carey Author

Muscles of Chordates

Rui Diogo Author
Janine M. Ziermann Author

Mastering Academic Writing in...

Marialuisa Aliotta Author

Reverse Pharmacology

Amritpal Singh Saroya Author

Biofiltration for Air...

Joseph S. Devinny Author
Marc A. Deshusses Author

Neural Cell Biology

Cheng Wang Editor
William Slikker, Jr. Editor

Handbook for Chemical Process...

Wenyi Zhao Author

Bacterial Diseases of Crop...

Suresh G. Borkar Author
Rupert Anand Yumlembam Author

Mathematica Beyond Mathematics

José Guillermo Sánchez León Author

Assumptions Inhibiting...

Brian I. Crother Editor
Lynne R. Parenti Editor

Aging is a Group-Selected...

Joshua Mitteldorf Author

Microbial Synthesis of...

Joyabrata Mal Author

Standard Potentials in...

AllenJ. Bard Author

Strengthening the Human Right...

Pedi Chiemena Obani Author

Signal Processing and Machine...

Ervin Sejdic Editor
Tiago H. Falk Editor

Lexicon of Pulse Crops

Aleksandar Mikić Author

Snail Transmitted Parasitic...

Emile A. Malek Author

Theory of Gearing

Stephen P. Radzevich Author

Clinical Microbiology

J. Keith Struthers Author

Phase Equilibria in Ionic...

Anand Bharti Author
Debashis Kundu Author

Photovoltaic Systems Engineering

Roger A. Messenger Author
Amir Abtahi Author

Environmental Chemistry

Stanley Manahan Author

Principles of Fire Behavior

James G. Quintiere Author

In-Vitro and In-Vivo Tools in...

Ambikanandan Misra Editor
Aliasgar Shahiwala Editor