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Unifying Themes In Complex...

Yaneer Bar-Yam Author

Vectors and Tensors In...

Donald Danielson Author

Aircraft Communications and...

Mike Tooley Author

Cumulative Trauma Disorders

Vern Putz-Anderson Editor

The Streetwise Subbie

John Russell Author
John Russell Author

The Complete Guide to Game Audio

Aaron Marks Author

The Inner Apprentice

Roger Neighbour Author

Heat and Mass Transfer in...

Keith J. Moss Author

Renewable Energy in the...

Peter Prag Author

Natural Gas Energy Measurement

A. Attari Editor
D.L. Klass Editor

Buildings and Schubert Schemes

Carlos Contou-Carrere Author

Computational Science and...

Arpan Deyasi Editor
Soumen Mukherjee Editor

Analysis and Analyzers

Béla G. Lipták Editor
Kriszta Venczel Editor

Progress in Maritime...

Carlos Guedes Soares Editor
T.A. Santos Editor

Wetland Indicators

Ralph W. Tiner Author

GPU Pro 360 Guide to Geometry...

Wolfgang Engel Editor

Handbook of Metal-Microbe...

Surajit Das Editor
Hirak Ranjan Dash Editor

Municipal Solid Waste...

Sunil Kumar Author

Robust Control Engineering

Mario Garcia-Sanz Author

The Handbook of Sustainable...

Baker Nick Author


Nassir H. Sabah Author

Engineering Systems...

B.S. Dhillon Author

Digital Design and Verilog...

Joseph Cavanagh Author

Fluid Mechanics for Civil and...

Ahlam I. Shalaby Author

Cloud Computing with...

Olivier Terzo Editor
Lorenzo Mossucca Editor

Data Flow Analysis

Uday Khedker Author
Amitabha Sanyal Author

Bayesian Inference for...

Lyle D. Broemeling Author

Adaptive Filtering

Alexander D. Poularikas Author

RFID Design Fundamentals and...

Albert Lozano-Nieto Author

Environmental Sampling and...

Maria Csuros Author

Liquid Vapor Phase Change...

Van P. Carey Author

Peripheral Vascular Disease...

Anita Sharma Author

Palliative Care Within Mental...

David Cooper Author
Jo Cooper Author

Reverse Pharmacology

Amritpal Singh Saroya Author

Introduction to Mathematical...

Mayer Humi Author

Distributed Sensor Arrays

Prabhakar S. Naidu Author

Concise Introduction to...

Qingwen Hu Author

Guide to Natural Ventilation...

Antony Wood Editor
Ruba Salib Editor

R&D Investment and Impact in...

Keith Hampson Editor
Judy A. Kraatz Editor

Green Engineering

Riadh Habash Author

Water Quality Data

Arthur Hounslow Author

English Houses

Bruce Munro Author

Fundamental Building Technology

Andrew J. Charlett Author
Craig Maybery-Thomas Author

The Data Book

Meredith Zozus Author

Court-Connected Construction...

Andrew Agapiou Editor
Deniz Artan Ilter Editor

Mathematica Beyond Mathematics

José Guillermo Sánchez León Author

Information Technology in...

Waldemar Wójcik Editor
Andrzej Smolarz Editor