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Arctic and Environmental Change

J.A. Dowdeswell Editor

Transition Engineering

Susan Krumdieck Author

Green Science and Technology

Enoch Y. Park Editor
Takayuki Saito Editor

Sustainable and Economic...

Hossain Md Anawar Editor
Vladimir Strezov Editor

Environmental Compliance and...

Daniel T. Rogers Author

Conversion to On-Site Sodium...

Leonard Casson Author

Human Thermal Comfort

Ken Parsons Author

Red Snapper Biology in a...

CRC Marine Biology (Series)

Stephen T. Szedlmayer Editor
Stephen A. Bortone Editor

Monetary Valuation of...

Bengt Steen Author

Insects and Society

Timothy D. Schowalter Author

Sustainability and the Rights...

Social Environmental Sustainability (Series)

Cameron La Follette Editor
Chris Maser Editor

Marine Eutrophication

Michael Karydis Author
Dimitra Kitsiou Author

Disturbance Ecology and...

Erik A. Beever Editor
Inger Suzanne Prange Editor

Indian Insects

S Ramani Editor
Prashanth Mohanraj Editor