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Mustafa Ozilgen Author
Esra Sorguven Oner Author


V R Preedy Editor
Ronald R. Watson Editor

Handbook of Transcription...

Sankar Ghosh Editor

Antibody Therapeutics

Routledge Revivals (Series)

William J. Harris Editor
John R. Adair Editor

Handbook of Biochemistry

Gerald D Fasman Author

Mammalian Neuroendocrinology

Paul V. Malven Author

Drug-Drug Interactions

A. David Rodrigues Editor

Essential Facts in Geriatric...

Catherine Bracewell Author
Rosaire Gray Author

Excessive Medical Spending

Norman J. Temple Author
Andrew Thompson Author

Point of Care Ultrasound Made...

John McCafferty Editor
James M Forsyth Editor

Handbook of Biochemistry and...

Roger L. Lundblad Editor
Fiona Macdonald Editor

High-Risk Atherosclerotic...

Levon Michael Khachigian Editor

The MRCPsych Study Manual

Ben Green Author

COPD in Primary Care

Anita Sharma Author
Penney Vasey Author

Brain Aging

David R. Riddle Editor

Trichothecene Mycotoxicosis...

CRC Press Revivals (Series)

Val Richard Beasley Author

The Laboratory Canine

Garrett Field Author
Todd A. Jackson Author

The Laboratory Mouse

Peggy J. Danneman Author
Mark A. Suckow Author

Ergonomics and...

Richard Graveling Editor

Restless Legs Syndrome

K. Ray Chaudhuri Author
C. Warren Olanow Author

Clinical Haematology

Illustrated Clinical Cases (Series)

Atul Bhanu Mehta Author
Keith Gomez Author

Treating People with Depression

Greg Wilkinson Author
Bruce Moore Author

Psychoneuroimmunology, Stress...

Herman Friedman Author
Thomas W. Klein Author

Advances in Food Biochemistry

Fatih Yildiz Editor

Immune-based Cancer Treatment

Michael A. Alexander Editor

Heterogeneous Catalysis

K.L. Ameta Ph.D. Author
Andrea Penoni Author

Introduction to Complexity...

Robert B. Northrop Author

Fruit and Cereal Bioactives

Özlem Tokusoglu Editor
Clifford A Hall III Editor

Polymer Films in Sensor...

Gabor Harsanyi Author

Targeted Therapies in Oncology

Giuseppe Giaccone Editor
Jean-Charles Soria Editor

Dermatological and...

Kenneth A. Walters Editor


Ayse Basak Engin Editor
Atilla Engin Editor

Respiratory Drug Delivery (1989)

CRC Press Revivals (Series)

Peter R. Byron Author

Inflammatory Diseases of...

Gary S. Hoffman Editor
Cornelia M. Weyand Editor

Graphics Processing...

in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering (Series)

Xun Jia Editor
Steve B. Jiang Editor

Metal Ions in Biological Systems

Helmut Sigel Author

Narcolepsy and Hypersomnia

Claudio Bassetti Editor
Michel Billiard Editor

Neurotechnology in National...

James Giordano Editor


Helen Rimington Author
John Chambers Author

Risk Matters in Healthcare

Kay Mohanna Author
Ruth Chambers Author

Handbook of Dystonia

Mark A. Stacy Editor

The Art of Presenting

Alan Gillies Author

ENT Medicine and Surgery

Illustrated Clinical Cases (Series)

Jayesh Doshi Editor
Manohar Bance Editor

Get Through DRCOG

Rekha Wuntakal Author
Madhavi Kalidindi Author

Get Through MRCPsych

Arunraj Kaimal Author
Manoj Rajagopal Author

Get Through MRCS

Simon Overstall Author
Amit Zaveri Author

Cognitive Systems Engineering...

Ann M. Bisantz Editor
Catherine M. Burns Editor