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Cumulative Trauma Disorders

Vern Putz-Anderson Editor

The Inner Apprentice

Roger Neighbour Author

Handbook of Metal-Microbe...

Surajit Das Editor
Hirak Ranjan Dash Editor

Peripheral Vascular Disease...

Anita Sharma Author

Palliative Care Within Mental...

David Cooper Author
Jo Cooper Author

Reverse Pharmacology

Amritpal Singh Saroya Author

Information Technology in...

Waldemar Wójcik Editor
Andrzej Smolarz Editor

Aging is a Group-Selected...

Joshua Mitteldorf Author

In-Vitro and In-Vivo Tools in...

Ambikanandan Misra Editor
Aliasgar Shahiwala Editor

The Self in Health and Illness

Frances Rapport Author
Paul Wainwright Author

Integrating Healthcare with...

Wendy Currie Author
David Finnegan Author

Caring for Dying People of...

Rabbi Julia Neuberger Author

COPD in Primary Care

Anita Sharma Author
Penney Vasey Author

Ergonomics and...

Richard Graveling Editor

Chemical Ecology of Insects

Jun Tabata Editor

Nutrition and HIV

Saurabh Mehta Author
Julia Finkelstein Author

Environmental Policy and...

Barry L. Johnson Author
Maureen Y. Lichtveld Author

Handbook of Therapeutic...

Sherry X. Yang Editor
Janet E. Dancey Editor

Industrial Applications of...

Parappurath Narayanan Sudha Editor

A Laboratory Manual in...

Vadim Backman Author
Adam Wax Author

Digital Microfluidic Biochips

Krishnendu Chakrabarty Author
Fei Su Author

Marketing Communications in...

Peter Holden Author

Chronic Myeloproliferative...

Tariq Mughal Editor
John M. Goldman Editor

Atlas of Glaucoma

Neil T. Choplin Editor
Carlo E. Traverso Editor

Making Sense of the Chest X-ray

Paul Jenkins Author

Fundamentals of Craniofacial...

Andrew D. Dixon Author
David A.N. Hoyte Author

Telomeres, Diet and Human...

Amelia Marti Editor
Guillermo Zalba Editor

Photosynthetic Protein-Based...

Swee Ching Tan Editor

Dietary AGEs and Their Role...

Jaime Uribarri Editor

The Fifteen Minute Hour

Marian R. Stuart Author
Joseph A. Lieberman Author

The New GP

Jamie Harrison Author
Rob Innes Author

The Foundation Programme for...

Ferras Alwan Author
Rohin Francis Author

Radiology for Medical Finals

Edward Sellon Editor
David Howlett Editor

GP Wellbeing

Adam Staten Author
Euan Lawson Author

Clinical Responsibility

Jane Lynch Author
Senthill Nachimuthu Author

Better Physician Writing and...

John Gartland Author
Mithilesh Lal Author

Consent to Treatment

Jane Lynch Author

Get Through MRCP

Rajeev Gulati Author
Monal Wadhera Author

100 Cases in Acute Medicine

Kerry Layne Author
Henry Fok Author

Excessive Medical Spending

Norman J. Temple Author
Andrew Thompson Author

Humanising Psychiatry and...

Rachel Freeth Author

Listening to Children and...

Sarah Redsell Author
Adrian Hastings Author

Priority Setting Processes...

Frank Honigsbaum Author

OSCEs for the MRCS Part B

Jonathan M. Fishman Author
Vivian A. Elwell Author

Fetal and Perinatal Skeletal...

Christine M Hall Author
Amaka C Offiah Author

Ethnic Dermatology

Clive B. Archer Editor

European Medicines Pricing...

Martina Garau Author
Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz Author

Advanced Consulting in Family...

Peter Worrall Author
Adrian French Author