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Dynamics of Transcendental...

Xin-Hou Hua Editor

Polynomial Invariants of...

Research Notes in Mathematics (Series)

Larry Smith Author

Soft Computing in Engineering

Jamshid Ghaboussi Author

Variational Methods in...

Antonio Masiello Author

Numerical Methods in...

Jamshid Ghaboussi Author
Xiping Steven Wu Author

Mathematica Beyond Mathematics

José Guillermo Sánchez León Author

Exploratory Multivariate...

Chapman & Hall/CRC Computer Science & Data Analysis (Series)

Francois Husson Author
Sebastien Le Author

A First Course in the Design...

John H. Skillings Author

The Elements of Advanced...

Textbooks in Mathematics (Series)

Steven G. Krantz Author

Extremal Optimization

Yong-Zai Lu Author
Yu-Wang Chen Author

Differentiation and Integration

500 Tips (Series)

W. Bolton Author

A Guide to Outcome Modeling...

in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering (Series)

Issam El Naqa Editor

Applied Time Series Analysis...

Wayne A. Woodward Author
Henry L. Gray Author

Point Processes

D.R. Cox Author
Valerie Isham Author

Bayesian Inference for...

Lyle D. Broemeling Author

Chromatic Graph Theory

Gary Chartrand Author
Ping Zhang Author

Context-Aware Computing and...

Waltenegus Dargie Editor

Computational Hydrodynamics...

Constantine Pozrikidis Editor

Multi-Resolution Methods for...

Puneet Singla Author
John L. Junkins Author

The Fatherland Files

Alan N Clifford Author

Saunders Mac Lane

Saunders Mac Lane Author

Confidence Intervals on...

Burdick Author

Multivariate Statistical Methods

Bryan F.J. Manly Author
Jorge A. Navarro Alberto Author

Joint Modeling of...

Chapman & Hall/CRC Monographs on Statistics and Applied Probability (Series)

Robert Elashoff Author
Gang Li Author

Intuition, Trust, and Analytics

Data Analytics Applications (Series)

Jay Liebowitz Author
Joanna Paliszkiewicz Author

Pragmatics of Uncertainty

Chapman & Hall/CRC Texts in Statistical Science (Series)

Joseph B. Kadane Author

Products of Random Variables

Janos Galambos Author
Italo Simonelli Author

Variational and Potential...

I. Chudinovich Author
Christian Constanda Author

Nonlinear Partial...

Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics (Series)

Book 54

Robert L. Sternberg Editor

Assessing Building Performance

Wolfgang Preiser Editor
Jacqueline Vischer Editor

Change-Point Analysis in...

Boris Brodsky Author

Quantitative Modeling of...

Peter Laurence Author

Hybrid and Incompatible...

Theodore H.H. Pian Author
Chang-Chun Wu Author

Tissue Type Plasminogen Activity

Cornelius Kluft Author

Multi-State Survival Models...

Chapman & Hall/CRC Monographs on Statistics and Applied Probability (Series)

Ardo van den Hout Author

New Trends in Difference...

Saber N. Elaydi Editor
J. LopezFenner Editor

Practical Spreadsheet Risk...

Dale Lehman Author
Huybert Groenendaal Author

An Elementary Approach to...

L.R. Vermani Author

Introduction to Mathematical...

Mayer Humi Author

Enumerative Combinatorics

Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications (Series)

Charalambos A. Charalambides Author

Handbook of Beta Distribution...

Arjun K. Gupta Editor
Saralees Nadarajah Editor

Planetary Remote Sensing and...

Bo Wu Editor
Kaichang Di Editor

The Queen of Mathematics

Jay Goldman Author

Logic Colloquium 2000...

Rene Cori Editor
Alexander Razborov Editor

Engineering BGM

Alan Brace Author

Statistical Inference

Murray Aitkin Author