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Betty Wedman-St.Louis Editor

Reverse Pharmacology

Amritpal Singh Saroya Author

A Definitive Guide to...

Tim Marsh Author


Erine A. Kupetsky, D.O. Editor

Fingerprinting Analysis and...

Ravindra Kumar Pandey Author
Shiv Shankar Shukla Author

Epidural Anaesthesia

Clive Collier Author

Antioxidants in Sport Nutrition

Manfred Lamprecht Editor

Fluid Balance, Hydration, and...

Flavia Meyer Editor
Zbigniew Szygula Editor

Herbal Bioactives and Food...

D. Suresh Kumar Author

Lycopene and Tomatoes in...

A. Venketeshwer Rao Editor
Gwen L. Young Editor

Chronic Pain

Gary W. Jay Author

Sports Nutrition for...

Elizabeth Broad Editor

Extreme and Rare Sports

Sourya Datta Editor
Debasis Bagchi Editor

Local Immune Responses of the...

Routledge Revivals (Series)

Timothy J. Newby Editor
Christopher R. Stokes Editor

Quantitative Methods for...

Shein-Chung Chow Author

Safe and Effective Exercise...

Melinda S. Sothern Author

Gender, Physical Activity,...

Roy J. Shephard Editor

Medicinal Plants of Asia and...

Christophe Wiart Author

Advances in Natural Medicines...

Con Kerry Kenneth Stough Editor
Andrew Scholey Editor

Clinical Pain Management

Pamela Macintyre Author
David Rowbotham Author

Herbal Supplements-Drug...

Y. W. Francis Lam Editor
Shiew-Mei Huang Editor

Air Pollution

Jeremy Colls Author
Abhishek Tiwary Author

The Medicinal Plant Industry

R. O. B. Wijesekera Author

The Clinical Practice of...

W. John Diamond Author

Natural Remedies

Finn Sandberg Author
Desmond Corrigan Author

Hatch & Sumner's Textbook of...

Robert Bingham Editor
Adrian Lloyd Thomas Editor

Encyclopedia of Dietary...

Paul M. Coates Editor
M. Coates Paul Editor

Handbook of Functional...

Fereidoon Shahidi Editor
Cesarettin Alasalvar Editor

Handbook on Spray Drying...

M. Selvamuthukumaran Editor

Handbook of Acute Pain...

Jennifer A. Elliott Editor
Howard S. Smith Editor

Management of Advanced Disease

Polly Edmonds Author
Nigel Sykes Author

Clinical Guide to Popular Diets

Caroline Apovian Author
Elizabeth Brouillard Author

Handbook of Peripheral...

Mark B. Bromberg Editor
A. Gordon Smith Editor

Clinician's Guide to Chronic...

Gary W. Jay Editor


Russell Lane Author
Paul Davies Author

Electrical Power Transmission...

Turan Gonen Author

Anti-Diabetes Mellitus Plants

Appian Subramoniam Author


José L. Martinez Editor
Amner Muñoz-Acevedo Editor

Sports Nutrition Needs for...

Chad M. Kerksick Editor
Elizabeth Fox Editor

Simplicity in Safety...

Ian Long Author

Medicinal Plants and Malaria

Woon-Chien Teng Author
Ho Han Kiat Author

Active Phytochemicals from...

Wing Shing Ho Author

Integrating Nutrition into...

Mary J. Marian Editor
Gerard Mullin, MD Editor

Lactic Acid Bacteria

Gabriel Vinderola Editor
Arthur Ouwehand Editor

Handbook of African Medicinal...

Maurice M. Iwu Author

Nutrition and the Female Athlete

Katherine A. Beals Editor

Tackling Health Inequalities

Routledge Focus on Environmental Health (Series)

Surindar Kishen Dhesi Author

Headache in Clinical Practice

Stephen D. Silberstein Author