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Multi-Core Embedded Systems

Embedded Multi-Core Systems (Series)

Georgios Kornaros Editor

Handbook of Communications...

Gilbert Held Author

Blender for Visual Effects

Sam Vila Author

Team Planning for Project...

Gail Levitt Author

IT Project Management

Best Practices in Portfolio, Program, and Project Management (Series)

Byron A. Love Author

Granular Computing

Industrial Electronics (Series)

Witold Pedrycz Author

Multimedia Security Handbook

Borko Furht Editor
Darko Kirovski Editor

The Mathematics of Chip-Firing

Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications (Series)

Caroline J. Klivans Author

Internet of Things

Chapman & Hall/CRC Computer and Information Science (Series)

Qusay F. Hassan Editor
Atta ur Rehman Khan Editor

Computer Arithmetic and...

Joseph Cavanagh Author

UX Style Frameworks

Marti Gold Author

Enterprise Integration and...

Li Da Xu Author

Multi-Objective Optimization...

Yezid Donoso Author
Ramon Fabregat Author

Directing the Story

Francis Glebas Author

Getting Started in ZBrush

Greg Johnson Author

Browsers, Devices, and Fonts

Gary Rozanc Author

The 3-D Global Spatial Data...

Earl F. Burkholder Author

Multimedia Watermarking...

Darko Kirovski Author

Surviving Game School...and...

Michael Lynch Author
Adrian Earle Author

Prepare to Board! Creating...

Nancy Beiman Author

Fundamentals of Parallel...

Yan Solihin Author

Leading and Motivating Global...

Best Practices in Portfolio, Program, and Project Management (Series)

Vimal Kumar Khanna Author

The CISO Journey

Internal Audit and IT Audit (Series)

Eugene M Fredriksen Author

Algebraic and Stochastic...

Dave K. Kythe Author
Prem K. Kythe Author

Image Processing and Analysis...

Digital Imaging and Computer Vision (Series)

Olivier Lezoray Editor
Leo Grady Editor

Discrete-Event Modeling and...

Computational Analysis, Synthesis, and Design of Dynamic Systems (Series)

Gabriel A. Wainer Editor
Pieter J. Mosterman Editor

Business Analytics for...

Steven Orla Kimbrough Author
Hoong Chuin Lau Author

A Computational Approach to...

Chapman & Hall/CRC Texts in Statistical Science (Series)

Taylor Arnold Author
Michael Kane Author

The GETMe Mesh Smoothing...

Dimitris P. Vartziotis Author
Joachim Wipper Author

Computer Aided Design and...

The Circuits and Filters Handbook, 3rd Edition (Series)

Wai-Kai Chen Editor

VLSI Design

VLSI Circuits (Series)

M. Michael Vai Author

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electrical and Computer Engineering (Series)

David Weston Author

Perceptual Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging and Computer Vision (Series)

Rastislav Lukac Editor

An Introduction to Number...

Textbooks in Mathematics (Series)

James Kraft Author
Lawrence Washington Author

Green Mobile Devices and...

Hrishikesh Venkataraman Editor
Gabriel-Miro Muntean Editor

Identification and Management...

Giovanni Bartolomeo Author
Tatiana Kovacikova Author

Intuition, Trust, and Analytics

Data Analytics Applications (Series)

Jay Liebowitz Author
Joanna Paliszkiewicz Author

Building a Programmable Logic...

Murat Uzam Author

Multimedia-enabled Sensors in...

Fadi Al-Turjman Author

2D to VR with Unity5 and...

Roberto Dillon Author

How to Cheat in Maya 2012

Eric Luhta Author

Managing Projects in Trouble

Ralph L. Kliem, PMP Author

The Innovator's Imperative

Stephen J Andriole Author
Thomas Cox Author

Stable Analysis Patterns for...

Mohamed Fayad Author

Beginning AutoCAD 2006

Bob McFarlane Author

GPU Pro 360 Guide to Geometry...

Wolfgang Engel Editor

Information and Communication...

Cesar Marolla Author

Case Studies in Strategic...

Hakan Butuner Author