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Information Security Governance

Andrej Volchkov Author

Business Process Reengineering

Heru Susanto Author
Fang-Yie Leu Author

Smart Computing Applications...

Bo Xing Author
Tshilidzi Marwala Author

Systems Thinker's Toolbox

Joseph Eli Kasser Author

Designing for Safe Use

Michael Wiklund Author
Jonathan Kendler Author

Patient Safety Culture

Patrick Waterson Editor

Official (ISC)2 Guide to the...

Steven Hernandez Editor

Medical Records Use and Abuse

Heidi Tranberg Author
Jem Rashbass Author

The Art of Presenting

Alan Gillies Author

Lean Problem Solving and QC...

Maharshi Samanta Author

Health Care Needs Assessment,...

Andrew Stevens Author
James Raftery Author

Call Center Continuity Planning

Jim Rowan Author

Human Resources and Change...

Occupational Safety & Health Guide (Series)

Thomas D. Schneid Author
Shelby L. Schneid Author

Introduction to the...

Kevin J. Hastings Author

Enumerative Combinatorics

Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications (Series)

Charalambos A. Charalambides Author

A Computational Approach to...

Chapman & Hall/CRC Texts in Statistical Science (Series)

Taylor Arnold Author
Michael Kane Author

Statistical Computing with R

Chapman & Hall/CRC the R (Series)

Maria L. Rizzo Author

Family Practice in the...

WONCA Family Medicine (Series)

Hassan Salah Editor
Michael Kidd Editor

Reliability Engineering

Advanced Research in Reliability and System Assurance Engineering (Series)

Ilia Vonta Editor
Mangey Ram Editor

High Rise and Fall

Andrea Carpenter Author

Statistics for Business

Perumal Mariappan Author

Real Estate in South Asia

Routledge International Real Estate Markets (Series)

Prashant Das Editor
Ramya Aroul Editor

Industrial Engineering

Bopaya Bidanda Editor
Ihsan Sabuncuoglu Editor

The CIO's Guide to...

Matthew William Arthur Pemble Author
Wendy Fiona Goucher Author

Routledge Companion to Real...

Bryan D. Macgregor Editor
Rainer Schulz Editor

Enterprise Process Management...

Vivek Kale Author

Engineering Project Management

Louis Goodman Author

Economics and Property

Danny Myers Author

Accounting for Construction

Rick Best Editor
Jim Meikle Editor

Project Management of Large...

Marvin Gechman Author

Weight Matters for Young People

Rachel Pryke Author

Delivering Cancer and...

Lorna Foyle Author
Janis Hostad Author

Data Analytics in Project...

Data Analytics Applications (Series)

Seweryn Spalek Editor

Sustainable Procurement in...

Mathematical Engineering, Manufacturing, and Management Sciences (Series)

Sachin K. Mangla Editor
Sunil Luthra Editor

Design for Profitability

Systems Innovation Book (Series)

Salah Ahmed Mohamed Elmoselhy Author

The Four Pillars of Portfolio...

Best Practices in Portfolio, Program, and Project Management (Series)

Olivier Lazar Author

Game Theory

Textbooks in Mathematics (Series)

Richard Alan Gillman Author
David Housman Author

Character Education for 21st...

Endah Retnowati Editor
Anik Ghufron Editor

Deep Neural Networks

Chapman & Hall/CRC Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (Series)

Yunong Zhang Author
Dechao Chen Author

Variational Analysis and Set...

Akhtar A. Khan Editor
Elisabeth Köbis Editor

Internet of Things

Ravi Ramakrishnan Author
Loveleen Gaur Author

Modern Methods of Valuation

Eric Shapiro Author
David Mackmin Author

Computer and Cyber Security

Brij B. Gupta Editor

Warranty and Preventive...

Ammar Y. Alqahtani Author
Surendra M. Gupta Author

Routledge Handbook of...

Frances Plimmer Editor
William McCluskey Editor

Sustainable Financial Innovation

Karen Wendt Editor

Telemedicine and Electronic...

Halit Eren Editor
John G. Webster Editor