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Managing Diversity and...

Amanda Clack Author
Judith Gabler Author

Digital Quality Management in...

Paul Marsden Author


Kelvin Hughes Author

Professionalism for the Built...

Building Research and Information (Series)

Simon Foxell Author

Building Performance...

Jan L.M. Hensen Editor
Roberto Lamberts Editor

The Client Role in Successful...

Jason Challender Author
Russell Whitaker Author

Sustainable Construction

Sandy Halliday Author

Professionalism in the Built...

Koen Van Balen Editor
Aziliz Vandesande Editor

Accounting for Construction

Rick Best Editor
Jim Meikle Editor

A Handbook of Sustainable...

Dejan Mumovic Editor
Mat Santamouris Editor

Durability of Building...

C Sjostrom Editor

Resilient Post Disaster...

Sandeeka Mannakkara Author
Suzanne Wilkinson Author

Technical Due Diligence and...

Adrian Tagg Author

BIM and Big Data for...

Weisheng Lu Author
Chi Cheung Lai Author

Making Sense of Innovation in...

Spon Research (Series)

Natalya Sergeeva Author

Advanced Applications in...

Frank Fahy Editor
John Walker Editor

Applications of Fracture...

Alberto Carpinteri Editor

Planning, Housing and...

Hemanta Doloi Author
Ray Green Author

Seeing and Touching...

Tianjian Ji Author
Adrian Bell Author

Structural Dynamics for the...

H.M. Irvine Author

Design of Structural Steelwork

P.R. Knowles Author

Fluid Mechanics for Civil...

N.B. Webber Author

Dissertation Research and...

Shamil G. Naoum Author

The Connectivity of...

Spon Research (Series)

Malena Ingemansson Havenvid Editor
Åse Linné Editor

101 Case Studies in...

Len Holm Author

Construction Equipment...

John E. Schaufelberger Author
Giovanni C. Migliaccio Author

Reinforced Concrete

B.S. Choo Author
T.J. MacGinley Author

Sustainable Design and...

Spon Research (Series)

Oluwaseun Dosumu Author
Clinton Aigbavboa Author

Geotechnical Centrifuge...

R.N. Taylor Editor