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Narrative Tactics for Mobile...

Toiya Kristen Finley Author

The Fifteen Minute Hour

Marian R. Stuart Author
Joseph A. Lieberman Author

Managing Lean Projects

Ralph L. Kliem Author

Educational Game Design...

George Kalmpourtzis Author

Tensor Methods in Statistics

P. McCullagh Author

Human Factors in Flight

Craig S. Funk Author

Mathematical Card Magic

Colm Mulcahy Author

Sustainable Buildings and...

Annie R. Pearce Author
Yong Han Ahn Author


in Astronomy and Astrophysics (Series)

Nicola Vittorio Author

Data-Driven Storytelling

AK Peters Visualization (Series)

Nathalie Henry Riche Editor
Christophe Hurter Editor

Data Analytics Applications...

Data Analytics Applications (Series)

Jan Vanthienen Editor
Kristof De Witte Editor

Artificial Intelligence

Chapman & Hall/CRC Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (Series)

Richard E. Neapolitan Author
Xia Jiang Author

Virtual Humans

Chapman & Hall/CRC Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (Series)

David Burden Author
Maggi Savin-Baden Author

Food Spoilage Microorganisms

Food Microbiology (Series)

Yanbo Wang Editor
Wangang Zhang Editor

Requirements Engineering for...

Applied Software Engineering (Series)

Phillip A. Laplante Author

Physical Hazards of the...

Occupational Safety & Health Guide (Series)

Barry Spurlock Author

Game of X v.2

Rusel DeMaria Author

The Advanced Game Narrative...

Tobias Heussner Author

Modern Residential...

David A. Madsen Author
David P. Madsen Author

AI for Games

Ian Millington Author

The A-Z Guide to Food as...

Diane Kraft Author

Modern Electric, Hybrid...

Mehrdad Ehsani Author
Yimin Gao Author


James Luscombe Author

Physico-Mathematical Theory...

V.M. Greshnov Author

Alaska Dinosaurs

Anthony R. Fiorillo Author

Emergency Medicine

Anthony FT Brown Author
Mike Cadogan Author

Behavior Trees in Robotics...

Chapman & Hall/CRC Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (Series)

Michele Colledanchise Author
Petter Ă–gren Author

Game Design Workshop

Tracy Fullerton Author

Engineering Mathematics

John Bird Author

Extending the Linear Model...

Chapman & Hall/CRC Texts in Statistical Science (Series)

Julian J. Faraway Author

The Gamer's Brain

Celia Hodent Author

Fundamentals of Internet of...

Technology for Non-Engineers (Series)

Rebecca Lee Hammons Editor
Ronald J. Kovac Editor

Electrical Power Transmission...

Turan Gonen Author

The Engineering Handbook

Electrical Engineering Hand (Series)

Richard C. Dorf Editor

Project Management in Extreme...

Leading Works from the French School of Management (Series)

Monique Aubry Editor
Pascal Lievre Editor

Command and Control

Human Factors in Defence (Series)

Guy H Walker Author
Neville A. Stanton Author

Electric Power Substations...

Electrical Engineering Hand (Series)

John D. McDonald Editor

Load Flow Optimization and...

J. C. Das Author

Intelligence in IoT-enabled...

Fadi Al-Turjman Author

Technical Writing

What Every Engineer Should Know (Series)

Phillip A. Laplante Author

Understanding Enzymes

Allan Svendsen Editor

Using R and RStudio for Data...

Nicholas J. Horton Author
Ken Kleinman Author

Building Services Handbook

Fred Hall Author
Roger Greeno Author

Interactive Stories and Video...

Chris Solarski Author

Cloud Computing

John W. Rittinghouse Author
James F. Ransome Author

A History of Cyber Security...

Bruce Middleton Author

Practical Guide to Designed...

Paul D. Funkenbusch Author