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Political Theory and...

Duncan Bell Editor
Bernardo Zacka Editor

Orientalism, Philology, and...

Europe's Legacy in the Modern World (Series)

Henning Trüper Author

Visualizing Harbours in the...

Federico Ugolini Author

Assembling the Architect

George Barnett Johnston Author

Designing the Department Store

Emily M. Orr Author

A History of New York in 27...

Sam Roberts Author

The Third Realm of Luxury

Joanne Roberts Editor
John Armitage Editor

Materials and Meaning in...

Nathaniel Coleman Author

Landscape and Infrastructure

Margaret Birney Vickery Author

The Comforts of Home in...

Jon Stobart Editor

Iran After the Mongols

The Idea of Iran (Series)

Sussan Babaie Editor

Multisensory Living in...

Hannah Platts Author


Shire Library (Series)

Richard Hayman Author

Is there an Object Oriented...

Architecture Exchange: Engagements with Contemporary Theory and Philosophy (Series)

Joseph Bedford Editor

Anthropology for Architects

Ray Lucas Author

Architecture and Ugliness

Wouter Van Acker Editor
Thomas Mical Editor

Retail Design

Basics Interior Design (Series)

Stephen Anderson Author
Lynne Mesher Author

The Place of Silence

Mark Dorrian Editor
Christos Kakalis Editor

Soviet Architectural...

Danilo Udovicki-Selb Author