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White Rage

Carol Anderson Author

The Year We Disappeared

Cylin Busby Author
John Busby Author

Memoirs of a Radical Lawyer

Michael Mansfield Author

The Gifted Generation

David Goldfield Author

The Magistrate's Tale

Trevor Grove Author
Lord Justice Auld Author of introduction, etc.

Dictionary of Law

Bloomsbury Publishing Author

Burning Rainbow Farm

Dean Kuipers Author

Contesting the Arctic

Philip E. Steinberg Author
Jeremy Tasch Author

Permission to Resign

Ann Bridge Author

Nuclear Law

Stephen Tromans Author

Central European Judges Under...

Michal Bobek Editor

Damages and Compensation Culture

Eoin Quill Editor
Raymond J Friel Editor

Metaphilosophy of Law

Pawel Banas Editor
Adam Dyrda Editor

The Tort of Conversion

Sarah Green Author
John Randall Author

The Safest Shield

Igor Judge Author

Northern / Irish Feminist...

Máiréad Enright Editor
Julie McCandless Editor

The Aarhus Convention

Charles Banner Editor

The Jurisprudence of Lord...

Paul S Davies Editor
Justine Pila Editor

Extending Working Life for...

Alysia Blackham Author

Access to Justice and Legal Aid

Asher Flynn Editor
Jacqueline Hodgson Editor

Discrimination as Stigma

Iyiola Solanke Author

Advanced Issues in...

Christiana HJI Panayi Author

The International Court of...

Robert Kolb Author

Religion and the Exercise of...

Benjamin L Berger Editor
Richard Moon Editor

Collisions in the Digital...

David John Harvey Author

The European Crisis and the...

Christian Joerges Editor
Carola Glinski Editor

Public Law Adjudication in...

John Bell Editor
Mark Elliott Editor

Fifty Years of the Law...

Matthew Dyson Editor
James Lee Editor

Criminal Judicial Review

Piers von Berg Editor

Core and Contingent Work in...

Edoardo Ales Editor
Olaf Deinert Editor

Women's Rights to Social...

Beth Goldblatt Editor
Lucie Lamarche Editor

Towards the Single Employment...

Giuseppe Casale Author
Adalberto Perulli Author

The Unitary EU Patent System

Justine Pila Editor
Christopher Wadlow Editor

Intolerant Religion in a...

Yossi Nehushtan Author

The Integrity of Criminal...

Jill Hunter Editor
Paul Roberts Editor

Trade in the Service of...

Olivier De Schutter Author

The European Convention on...

Filip Dorssemont Editor
Klaus Lörcher Editor

Criminalising Cartels

Caron Beaton-Wells Editor
Ariel Ezrachi Editor

The Futures of Legal...

Hilary Sommerlad Editor
Sonia Harris-Short Editor

Fascism and Criminal Law

Stephen Skinner Editor

Ethical Judgments

Stephen W. Smith Editor
John Coggon Editor

The Hart-Fuller Debate in the...

Peter Cane Editor

International Perspectives on...

Bloomsbury Publishing Author

The Chagos Islanders and...

Stephen Allen Author

Organised Crime and the Law

Liz Campbell Author

Reimagining Restorative Justice

David O'Mahony Author
Jonathan Doak Author

The Transformation or...

Tamara Perišin Editor
Siniša Rodin Editor

The Causes of War, Volume 2

Alexander Gillespie Author