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Expecting Better

Emily Oster Author
Karen White Narrator

The Anatomy of Peace

The Arbinger Institute Author
Oliver Wyman Narrator

The Collapse of Parenting

Leonard Sax, MD, PhD Author
Malcolm Hillgartner Narrator

Keep Moving

Dick Van Dyke Author
Dick Van Dyke Narrator


Allison Moorer Author

Bare Minimum Parenting

James Breakwell Author

Old in Art School

Nell Painter Author

Boys Should Be Boys

Meg Meeker Author
Pam Ward Narrator

Another Day in the Death of...

Gary Younge Author
Mirron Willis Narrator

Overcoming Dyslexia

Sally Shaywitz Author
Anna Fields Narrator

Conscious Uncoupling

Katherine Woodward Thomas Author

Black Wave

John Silverwood Author
Jean Silverwood Author

Why Gender Matters

Leonard Sax, MD, PhD Author
Keith Sellon-Wright Narrator

Unlikely Warrior

Georg Rauch Author
Phyllis Rauch Translator

The Happiest Kids in the World

Rina Mae Acosta Author
Michele Hutchison Author

Ignore It!

Catherine Pearlman, PhD, LCSW Author
Christine Williams Narrator

Uniquely Human

Barry M. Prizant, PhD Author
Tom Fields-Meyer Contributor

Will I Ever Be Free of You?

Karyl McBride Author

Getting to 50/50

Sharon Meers Author
Joanna Strober Author

Not Yet Married

Marshall Segal Author
Adam Verner Narrator


Kelly Williams Brown Author
Kelly Williams Brown Narrator

Louder Than Words

Jenny McCarthy Author
David Feinberg Author of introduction, etc.

Sex Changes

Christine Benvenuto Author
Renée Raudman Narrator

Mother Warriors

Jenny McCarthy Author
Tavia Gilbert Narrator

The Blessing of a Skinned Knee

Wendy Mogel Author
Carrington MacDuffie Narrator

Sex from Scratch

Sarah Mirk Author
Mark Peckham Narrator


Meg Meeker, MD Author
Coleen Marlo Narrator

The Magic of Positive Parenting

Made for Success (Series)

Made for Success Producer
Larry Iverson Other

The Boy Who Played with Fusion

Tom Clynes Author
P. J. Ochlan Narrator

White Dresses

Mary Pflum Peterson Author
Mary Pflum Peterson Narrator

Be Safe, Love Mom

Elaine Lowry Brye Author
Nan Gatewood Satter Contributor

Every Mother Is a Daughter

Perri Klass Author
sheila solomon klass Author

The Final Frontiersman

James Campbell Author
Dan Woren Narrator

The Game Theorist's Guide to...

Paul Raeburn Author
Paul Raeburn Narrator

The Disappearance of Childhood

Neil Postman Author
Jeff Riggenbach Narrator

Healing and Preventing Autism

Jenny McCarthy Author
Jerry Kartzinel Author

The New Dad's Playbook

Benjamin Watson Author
Meg Meeker, MD Author of introduction, etc.

The Dude's Guide to Marriage

Darrin Patrick Author
Amie Patrick Author


Joseph J. Luciani Author

Dead White Guys

Matt Burriesci Author
Lloyd James Narrator

Ten Conversations You Must...

Tim Hawkes Author
Paul Heitsch Narrator

Three More Words

Ashley Rhodes-Courter Author
Ashley Rhodes-Courter Narrator

Your Kid's a Brat and It's...

Elaine Rose Glickman Author
Hillary Huber Narrator


Tyrese Gibson Author
Rev Run Author

When Parents Part

Penelope Leach Author
Fran Tunno Narrator

The Enlightened Marriage

Jed Diamond, PhD Author
Keith Sellon-Wright Narrator

Beyond the High Blue Air

Lu Spinney Author
Henrietta Meire Narrator

Long Days of Small Things

Catherine McNiel Author
Andrea Emmes Narrator