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The Old Woman Inside

Debbie Viale Author

Room 23 and the Lock-Down Drill

Suzanne Wolf Author
Guy Grace Author

The Big Yellow Thing Called Bus

Williean Berry Author

Hello up There!

Judi Buenaflor Author
Carol Kelley Illustrator

And Along Came Dixie Lou

Elizabeth Olancin Author

Père Misère / Padre Miseria

Mireille B. Lauture Ph.D. Author
Kathleen L. Minckler Illustrator

Stories and Other Stuff for...

Judy Wolfman Author

Janie's Amusement Park Adventure

B. B. Corona Author

Johana's Collection of Stories

Johana Smith Author

Charlie the Click Bug

Raymond Sobrino Jr Author

Don'T Touch My Golden Parts

Shelbia Carter Wiley Author

My Granny Is the Best

Dr. Allison Matthews Author
Paola Rodriguez Illustrator

A Different Day

Geraldine Semtei Author

There'S a Weasel Behind My...

Tiffany Wheat Author

Risky Butterfly Fairies...

Patricia E. Sandoval Author

Jake and the Butterfly

Trish Kinsley Author

Call in Well

Timothy Orley Author

Colten and the Bullfrog...

Julie Houston Rogers Author
Joshua Allen Illustrator

The Traveling Train

Nani Author

The Willow and the Pillow

Veronica Martinez Author

The Grand Adventure of...

Nancy Jean Smith Author

Fluffy's Tails

Mary Lou Burton Author

The Ghosts of Old Cellar Road

March Clover Author

Mom Can I Go?

Shawn Fulton Author
Jarabi Opulence Illustrator

Bunsen Burner Beaker Buddy...

Jade Laveau Author

There's a Mermaid in My Bathtub

Angie Smith Melson Author

Time Benders

JB Yanni Author

The White Penguin

John Lowndes Author
Brent Mottershead Illustrator

The Missing Naughty List

D. L. Johnson Author
Ishika Sharma Illustrator

The Adventures of Willy the...

Kelly Crawford Author
Cindi Hrabko Illustrator

"Kokomo's Greatest Achievement"

Dr. Joel Feder Author
Jordan Flam Author

Life on the Farm

Lisa Smith Author

Dinosaurs Love Roti with Curry

Antoinette Choice Author
Joseph Choice Author

Missing Pots Mystery

Linda Romblom Author
Isabella Walker Illustrator

The Friendly Flower

V. Anna Author

Grandma's Hands

Rolanda T. Pyle Author
Nhaila Khatri Illustrator

What to Do If You Get Lost

Shawn Kinsey Author
Adam Turner Illustrator

Grandma Loves Pillows

Mary Russo PhD Author
Donna Collins Illustrator

Hit It Boys

Sherell Jay Author
Isaiah Ragland Illustrator

Hope Family Adventures

Melissa Hodge Author

The Little Teddy Bear

Barbara Cueter Author

Big Top's Barbershop

Patricia Maclin Author

Breaking News About Santa Claus

Kiamie Reed Author

See You Later, Alligator!

Crystal Grimsley Author

Kilynn and Her Discovery of...

Megan Marshall Author
Joseph Kemp Illustrator

Morty the Monster

Darcy Wheeler Author

Sammy'S Science

Chester Thompson Author