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Escape from Corregidor

Edgar D. Whitcomb Author


Harrison Dillard Author
Michael McIntosh Author

Anxiety Is Not Depression

Cliff Wise Author

In Spite of Heroin

Dana Chase Author

Angels Along The River

E. M Lahr Author

Born to Be Fast!

Rebecca Luna Author

The Spirit of a Fighter

Vannead Horn Author

Johnny and Me

Barry E. Boschelli Author

The 80 Year Dash

Wells Field Author

Moppin' Floors to Ceo

Dennis C. Miller Author

Lessons from the Mahaw Bog

Jean Adams Dickerson Author


Andrés Rivero Author

The Goodbye Baby

Elaine Pinkerton Author

Masako's Story

Kikuko Otake Author

First dooowwwnnn...and life...

Red Cashion Author
Rusty Burson Author

Serving With Honor

Dr. Lorenzo L McFarland Author
Brian E. Markowski Author

Becoming A Winner In Life

Apostle A.O. Solomon Author

Mississippi's Civil War Generals

Randy Bishop Author

My Life

Yaya Author

Convoy Conspiracy

Robert P. Schoch Jr. Author

Jesus Christ Revealed

Philip Mark Ames Author

The Most Influential...

Dr. Roland A. Y. Holou Author

The First Arc of the Great...

Peter B. Cannon Author

Escape from East Berlin

Annemarie Struwe Cronin Author


Robert Stanelle Author

Vignettes of Yvette at Vi

John G. Gurley Author

There Are Places I Remember

Michael Frank Author


Hal Hays Mcclure Author

Patient 1903

Shane Ballon Author

Dare to Be You

Latisha D Reeves Author

My First 30

Nadira Persaud Author

The Nightstand Notes

Gary Beggs Author

When It's Not as Simple as...

Sandhya M. Graves Author

The V Factor

CeCe Penne Author

They Made Me an Addict

Bruce Welch Author

The Murphy's

Janice K. Jarosz Author

Years into Lives

Violet "Cookie" Lynch Author

Wrestling with Life

Phil Nowick Author


David Hamel Author

A Life of Joy

Nancy I. Klein Author

B-17 Navigator

Frank Farr Author

Grouse, Deer, and Uncle Willy

James Woodsing Author

Quilter, Granger, Grandma,...

Stephen W. Reiss Author

The Gazebo

Alexander Lebenstein Author
Don Levin Editor

Why Did It Happen To Me

Elgin Davis Author

Born to Love Born to Give

Dolores Knight Author

Crying Silent Tears

D. Darcel Brown Author