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Journey from Seduction to...

P. A. Loder Author

Levels of Power

Mike Gilmore Author

Prey Targets

Joshua W. Horvath Author

Code Blue

Renee Christine Smith Author

Cain's Wife

Nikki Taylor Author

The Secret in the House Next...

Linn-Anne London Author

A Shot at Aaron

Douglas E. Templin Author

Love on Trial

Marvalee Mills Author

Valley of Shadows

C.J Sereda Author


Kay Salter Author

Jonathan Spectrum the Teleporter

Kenneth Mott Author

Infected Dreams

Christine Doornbos Author

Habsburg Honor and Nazi Duty

Tom Joyce Author

Revenge Is Best Served Hot

Alan Eaton Author

The Complete Henry IV, Part 2

Donald J. Richardson Author

The Seven Veils

Donald R. Lunsford Sr. Author
Donald R. Lunsford III Author

1,000 Years

Tami Kline Author

Perfect Mother

Uduak E. Akpabio Author

The Toll

Shaheen Asbagh Author

Crucial Mission

Dr. Teddy Brodie Osantowski Author

The World Beyond the House

Catherine Prince Author

Twisted Forms of Love

Sarah Salem Author

Generation of Warriors

Perry Short Author

The Literature of My Spirit

Nancy Y. Paulin Author

Saran's Dream

Lovette Gibson Author

The Case of the Insurance...

Anthony Wolff Author

The Revolution Is Inevitable

Mohammed Hassan Author