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The Innocent Killer

Michael Griesbach Author

Lawyers, Liars, and the Art...

Jonathan Shapiro Author

Operation Greylord

Terrence Hake Author
Wayne Klatt Author

What if I Say the Wrong Thing?

Verna A. Myers Author

The Emergency Sasquatch...

Kevin Underhill Author

John Lennon vs. the U.S.A.

Leon Wildes Author
Michael Wildes Author of introduction, etc.

Practicing Law in the Sharing...

Janelle Orsi Author

The Practice

Brian Tannebaum Author

Preparing for Baby

Nihara K. Choudhri Author

The Curmudgeon's Guide to...

Mark Herrman Author

The Business Guide to Law

Kerry M. Lavelle Author

Find Info Like a Pro

Carole Levitt Author
Mark Rosch Author

One Size Never Fits All

Arin N. Reeves Author

The ABA Cybersecurity Handbook

Jill D. Rhodes Author
Vincent I. Polley Author

The Tech Contracts Handbook

David W. Tollen Author

The Creative Lawyer

Michael F. Melcher Author

The ABA Consumer Guide to...

Dean Allen Kackley Author

Structured Negotiation

Lainey Feingold Author

Can You Trust Your Trust?

Seymour Goldberg Author

American Law 101

Jasper Kim Author

Broken Scales

Joel Cohen Author
Dale J. Degenshein Author

Patents Demystified

Dylan O. Adams Author

Internet Legal Research on a...

Carole A. Levitt Author
Judy K. Davis Author

The Marble and the Sculptor

Keith Robert Lee Author

Modern Rules of Business...

Donna Gerson Author
David Gerson Author

Wills and Estate Administration

Kenneth Vercammen Author


Desirée Moore Author

Blindfolds Off

Joel Cohen Author

Representing Parents in Child...

Martin Guggenheim Author
Vivek Subramanian Sankaran Author

Knowledge Management for Lawyers

Patrick DiDomenico Author

Yoga for Lawyers

Hallie Neuman Love Author
Nathalie Martin Author

One Hundred Days Before Trial

Steven Nathan Peskind Author

America Votes!

Benjamin E. Griffith Editor

Leaning on the Arc

M. Gerald Schwartzbach Author

Lawyer Interrupted

Amy Impellizzeri Author

The Little Book of Fashion Law

Ursula Furi-Perry Author

The Bankruptcy Claims Handbook

ABA Business Law Section Business Bankruptcy Committee Author

The Art of Cross Examination

ABA Classics (Series)

Francis L. Wellman Author

The Little Book of Hunting...

ABA Little Books (Series)

Cecil C. Kuhne III Author

Out and About

American Bar Association Author

Foundations of Sustainable...

Dean M. Frieders Author

Lawyers as Peacemakers

J. Kim Wright Author


Richard Warren Rappaport Author

A Manual of Style for...

Kenneth A. Adams Author

The Lawyer's Guide to...

Andrew Elowitt Author

What Is...ADR in Health Care...

Viggo Boserup Author
Brian Parmelee Author

The Amicus Brief

Reagan W. Simpson Author
Mary R. Vasaly Author

The Failing Law Firm

David J. Parnell Author