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From Scratch

Michael Ruhlman Author

Tom Waits by Matt Mahurin

Matt Mahurin Author
Tom Waits Author of introduction, etc.

American Food

Rachel Wharton Author
Kimberly Ellen Hall Illustrator

Supreme Models

Marcellas Reynolds Author

The Cider Revival

Jason Wilson Author

Down to Earth

Lauren Liess Author


Wizards of the Coast Author
Jenna Helland Author of introduction, etc.

The Scentual Garden

Ken Druse Author
Ellen Hoverkamp Photographer

Letters from Hollywood

Rocky Lang Author
Barbara Hall Author

The Year of Knots

Windy Chien Author

Crochet with London Kaye

London Kaye Author

Green Day

Bob Gruen Author

The World of IT

Alyse Wax Author
Andy Muschietti Author of introduction, etc.

Architectural Digest at 100

Amy Astley Author of introduction, etc.
Architectural Digest Author

The History of the World in...

Mackenzi Lee Author
Petra Eriksson Illustrator

Travel Home

Caitlin Flemming Author
Julie Goebel Author

A World of Artist Journal Pages

Dawn DeVries Sokol Author

The Forest Feast Mediterranean

Erin Gleeson Author

Vanishing Fleece

Clara Parkes Author

Loopy Mango Knitting

Loopy Mango Author


Fritz Karch Author
Rebecca Robertson Author

The Most Spectacular...

Tom Roston Author

Reclaimed Wood

Klaas Armster Author
Alan Solomon Author

TV Noir

Allen Glover Author

Danny Clinch

Danny Clinch Author
Bruce Springsteen Author of introduction, etc.

The Knit Vibe

Vickie Howell Author

The Women of the 116th Congress

New York Times, The Author
Roxane Gay Author of introduction, etc.


Thom Gilbert Author

Home Made in the Oven

Yvette van Boven Author

Lost Transmissions

Desirina Boskovich Author
Jeff VanderMeer Author of introduction, etc.

Where I Come From

Aaron Sanchez Author

The Life and Loves of E. Nesbit

Eleanor Fitzsimons Author

Mixtape Potluck Cookbook

Questlove Author
Martha Stewart Author of introduction, etc.

Steven Universe

Rebecca Sugar Author
Elle Michalka Illustrator