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Nationalism Today

M. Troy Burnett Editor

Religion and Environmentalism

Religion in Politics and Society Today (Series)

Lora Stone Author

African American Culture

Cultures of the American Mosaic (Series)

Omari L. Dyson Editor
Judson L. Jeffries Ph.D. Editor


Religion in Politics and Society Today (Series)

Steven Leonard Jacobs Author

Voting Rights in America

Contemporary World Issues (Series)

Richard A. Glenn Author
Kyle L. Kreider Author

Teen Genreflecting

Sarah Flowers Author
Samuel Stavole-Carter Author

Cyber Warfare

Documentary and Reference Guides (Series)

Paul J. Springer Author

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Health and Psychology Source (Series)

Leslie J. Shapiro Author

Listen to Psychedelic Rock!...

Exploring Musical Genres (Series)

Christian Matijas-Mecca Author

Religious Violence Today

Michael Jerryson Editor

The Watergate Crisis

Guides to Historic Events in America (Series)

Michael A. Genovese Author

Dietary Supplements

Myrna Chandler Goldstein Author
Mark A. Goldstein MD Author

The Historian's Red Badge of...

The Historian's Annotated Classics (Series)

Paul A. Cimbala Editor

Polling America

Richard L. Clark Editor
Kelly N. Foster Editor

The Problem with Parenting

Nancy A. McDermott Author

Votes for Women! the American...

Guides to Historic Events in America (Series)

Marion W. Roydhouse Author

Family Separation and the U.S...

21st-Century Turning Points (Series)

Laurie Collier Hillstrom Author

Music around the World

Andrew R. Martin Editor
Matthew Mihalka Ph.D. Editor

The United Nations

Kent J. Kille Author
Alynna J. Lyon Author

A Brief History of the Book

Steven K. Galbraith Author

Understanding and Treating...

Joel L. Young MD Author

Ghost Guns

Mark A. Tallman Author

What you need to know about...

Inside Diseases and Disorders (Series)

Tish Davidson Author

Radical Collaborations for...

Violet H. Harada Editor
Sharon Coatney Editor

Strauss's Handbook of...

Hal P. Kirkwood Author

Teen Health from Head to Toe

Mary O'Reilly Author

Violence in American Society

Chris Richardson Editor

Modern Brazil

Understanding Modern Nations (Series)

Javier A. Galván Author

Academic Library Services for...

Xan Arch Author
Isaac Gilman Author

Women's Suffrage

Tiffany K. Wayne Editor

Academic Library Makerspaces

Katy B. Mathuews Author
Daniel J. Harper Author