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Daily Life of African...

Herbert C. Covey Editor
Dwight Eisnach Editor

Natural Hazards and Disasters

Bimal Kanti Paul Editor

What You Need to Know about...

Inside Diseases and Disorders (Series)

R K. Devlin Author

Documents of Japanese...

Eyewitness to History (Series)

Linda L. Ivey Author
Kevin W. Kaatz Author

Examining Crime and Justice...

Global Viewpoints (Series)

Janet P. Stamatel Author

Supporting Transfer Student...

Peggy L. Nuhn Author
Karen F. Kaufmann Author

The Cold War

Spencer C. Tucker Editor

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Women Making History (Series)

Nancy Hendricks Author

Documents of the Harlem...

Eyewitness to History (Series)

Thomas J. Davis Author
Brenda M. Brock Author

Spreadsheets for Librarians

Bruce White Author

Understanding Suicide's Allure

Stanley Krippner Author
Linda Riebel Author

Building News Literacy

Tom Bober Author

When Trauma Grips Our Children

James E. Levine Author

The American Villain

Richard A. Hall Author

Criminal Justice in America

Carla Lewandowski Editor
Jeff Bumgarner Editor

Environmental Issues Today

Robert J. Duffy Editor
Susan M. Opp Editor

American Religious History

Gary Scott Smith Editor

Germs at Bay

Charles Vidich Author

Colonial America

Historical Facts and Fictions (Series)

K. David Goss Author
A. A. Grishin Author

Copyright for Schools

Carol Simpson Author
Sara E. Wolf Author

Food Cultures of Israel

The Global Kitchen (Series)

Michael Ashkenazi Author

The Handbook of Occupational...

Tee L. Guidotti M.D., M.P.H., DABT Author

Daily Life of Women

Colleen Boyett Editor
H. Micheal Tarver Editor

The 1960s Cultural Revolution

Guides to Historic Events in America (Series)

John C. McWilliams Author

The History of Croatia and...

The Greenwood Histories of the Modern Nations (Series)

Christopher Deliso Author

Gender and Identity around...

Chuck Stewart Editor

America's National Anthem

John R. Vile Author

Examining Internet and...

Global Viewpoints (Series)

Laura M. Steckman Editor

NATO Reconsidered

Praeger Security International (Series)

Wesley B. Truitt Author

Intellectual Freedom Issues...

April M. Dawkins Editor

Rosa Parks

Black History Lives (Series)

Darryl Mace Author

Toxic Chemicals in America

Kelly A. Tzoumis Editor

Cooking through History

Melanie Byrd Editor
John P. Dunn Editor


Randy Moore Author

On the Job

Margo Demello Author

Race and Sports

Contemporary World Issues (Series)

Rachel Laws Myers Author

Underserved Patrons in...

Julia C. Skinner Editor
Melissa Gross Editor

The College Affordability Crisis

21st-Century Turning Points (Series)

Laurie Collier Hillstrom Author

Leading Professional Development

Mary H. Moen Editor
Sarah A. Buchanan Editor

World War II on Film

Hollywood History (Series)

David Luhrssen Author

Libraries Publish

Stephanie Katz Author

Stopping Military Suicides

Kate Hendricks Thomas Author
Sarah Plummer Taylor Author