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Family Practice in the...

WONCA Family Medicine (Series)

Hassan Salah Editor
Michael Kidd Editor

X-Ray Diffraction Imaging

Devices, Circuits, and Systems (Series)

Joel Greenberg Editor


C. Yan Cheng Editor

Browsers, Devices, and Fonts

Gary Rozanc Author

Integrated disease management...

Richard Oliver Editor

Ergonomics and...

Richard Graveling Editor

Information Security Governance

Andrej Volchkov Author

CRC Handbook of Furnace...

CRC Press Revivals (Series)

Asha Varma Author

Modeling the 3D Conformation...

in Computational Biophysics (Series)

Guido Tiana Editor
Luca Giorgetti Editor

Point Processes

D.R. Cox Author
Valerie Isham Author

Landfill Bioreactor Design &...

Timothy G. Townsend Author

Northern Forested Wetlands...

Carl C. Trettin Author

Logan's Turbomachinery

Mechanical Engineering (Series)

Bijay Sultanian Author

Sensory Evaluation of Sound

Nick Zacharov Editor

Fetal and Perinatal Skeletal...

Christine M Hall Author
Amaka C Offiah Author

Radiological Atlas of Child...

Amaka Offiah Author
Christine Hall Author

Foundations of Discrete...

R. Balakrishnan Author
Sriraman Sridharan Author

Information and Communication...

Cesar Marolla Author


Bhupinder Singh Editor

Absorption and Utilization of...

Mendel Friedman Author

Fundamentals, Sensor Systems,...

Prasad S. Thenkabail Editor
John G. Lyon Editor

Aqueous Phase Adsorption

Jayant K Singh Editor
Nishith Verma Editor

Phenomenological Creep Models...

Leo Razdolsky Author

Intelligence in IoT-enabled...

Fadi Al-Turjman Author

Graph Theory and Its...

Textbooks in Mathematics (Series)

Jonathan L. Gross Author
Jay Yellen Author

The GETMe Mesh Smoothing...

Dimitris P. Vartziotis Author
Joachim Wipper Author

The Paradigm of Forests and...

Sergio A. Molina-Murillo Editor
Carlos Rojas Alvarado Editor

Introduction to the...

Kevin J. Hastings Author

Reindeer and Caribou

Morten Tryland Editor
Susan J. Kutz Editor

John Macalister's Other Vision

Gordon Cook Author

Advanced Computer Architectures

Sajjan G. Shiva Author

Theory and Technology of...

V.L. Mazur Author
O. V. Nogovitsyn Author

Analyzing Sensory Data with R

Chapman & Hall/CRC the R (Series)

Sebastien Le Author
Thierry Worch Author

Cutoffs for Dams

ICOLD Bulletins (Series)


Advanced Bifunctional...

Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion (Series)

Yan-Jie Wang Author
Rusheng Yuan Author

Aquatic Ecosystems in a...

Donat-P H├Ąder Author
Kunshan Gao Author

Physical modelling in coastal...

R.A. Dalrymple Editor

Postharvest Physiological...

Innovations in Postharvest Technology (Series)

Sergio Tonetto de Freitas Editor
Sunil Pareek Editor

Environmental Engineering V

Malgorzata Pawlowska Editor
Lucjan Pawlowski Editor

Principles of...

Jeffrey M. Farber Editor

Smart Computing Applications...

Bo Xing Author
Tshilidzi Marwala Author

Core Principles of Special...

James H. Luscombe Author

Sturm-Liouville Problems

Chapman & Hall/CRC Monographs and Research Notes in Mathematics (Series)

Ronald B. Guenther Author
John W Lee Author

Biological and Medical...

Handbook of Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (Series)

Ben Greenebaum Editor
Frank Barnes Editor

Prostate Cancer Imaging

Ayman El-Baz Editor
Gyan Pareek Editor

Acousto-Optical Laser Systems...

Yu V. Gulyaev Author
M. A. Kazaryan Author

Firefighters' Clothing and...

Guowen Song Editor
Faming Wang Editor

Handbook of Biochemistry

Gerald D Fasman Author