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Returning to Victorian...

Humanity (Series)


Appalachia in Regional Context

Place Matters: New Directions in Appalachian Studies (Series)

Dwight B. Billings Editor
Ann E. Kingsolver Editor

Minidictionary of psychology,...

Angela Ganci Author
Melchiorre Calvaruso Author

The Mentelles

Randolph Paul Runyon Author

The Medium Is the Monster

Mark A. McCutcheon Author

Paving the Way for Reagan

Studies in Conflict, Diplomacy, and Peace (Series)

Laurence R. Jurdem Author

New York City Guide of Urban...

Mobile Library Author

The Fruitful City

Helena Moncrieff Author

An Unseen Light

Civil Rights and the Struggle for Black Equality in the Twentieth Century (Series)

Aram Goudsouzian Editor
Charles W. McKinney Jr. Editor

College for the Commonwealth

Michael T. Benson Author
Hal R. Boyd Author

The Human Society

Valentin Matcas Author