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Understanding Virtual Reality

The Morgan Kaufmann in Computer Graphics (Series)

William R. Sherman Author
Alan B. Craig Author

Transportation Planning and...

Ted Grossardt Author
Keiron Bailey Author

Developmental Pathways to...

Michelle M. Martel Editor

Ancestral DNA, Human Origins,...

Rene J. Herrera Author
Ralph Garcia-Bertrand Author

Current Trends and Future...

Angelo Basile Editor
Sylwia Mozia Editor

Application of Smart Grid...

Lisa Lamont Editor
Ali Sayigh Editor

Better Living With Dementia

Laura N. Gitlin Author
Nancy A. Hodgson Author

Chemical Projects Scale Up

Joe M. Bonem Author

Climate Change

Ranadhir Mukhopadhyay Author
Sm Karisiddaiah Author

Machine Learning Techniques...

Enrico Camporeale Editor
Simon Wing Editor

Moving Particle Semi-implicit...

Seiichi Koshizuka Author
Kazuya Shibata Author

Fibroblast Growth Factors

Xiaokun Li Author

Chipless RFID Reader Design...

Marco Garbati Author
Etienne Perret Author

Principles and Applications...

Nader Rifai Editor
A. Rita Horvath Editor

Food Fortification in a...

M.G.Venkatesh Mannar Editor
Richard F. Hurrell Editor

Hybrid Machining

Xichun Luo Author
Yi Qin Author

Medicinal Chemistry

Roland Barret Author

Gene Therapy in Neurological...

Mingjie Li Editor
B. Joy Snider Editor

Smart Wheelchairs and...

Pablo Diez Editor

The Paracellular Channel

Jianghui Hou Author

Cross Country Pipeline Risk...

Arafat Aloqaily Author

Membrane-Based Salinity...

Sarper Sarp Editor
Nidal Hilal Editor

Science of Carbon Storage in...

Pania Newell Editor
Anastasia Ilgen Editor

The Chick Brain in...

Luis Puelles Author
Margaret Martinez-de-la-Torre Author

The Eradication of...

Luke Ekundayo Edungbola Author

Health Efficiency

Marianne Sarazin Editor

Ranked Set Sampling

Carlos N. Bouza-herrera Author
Amer Ibrahim Falah Al-Omari Author

Anger Management Based...

Kimberly Walitzer Author
Jerry Deffenbacher Author

Water Quality Monitoring and...

Daoliang Li Author
Shuangyin Liu Author

Handbook of Terror Management...

Clay Routledge Editor
Matthew Vess Editor

Urban Mobility Design

Selby Coxon Author
Robbie Napper Author

Clinical and Translational...

Nanda Kerkar Editor
Eve A Roberts Editor

Statistical, Mapping and...

Gilles Maignant Author
Pascal Staccini Author

Postharvest Physiology and...

Elhadi M. Yahia Editor
Armando Carrillo-Lopez Editor

The UX Book

Rex Hartson Author
Pardha S. Pyla Author

Recent Developments in...

Buddolla Viswanath Editor

Nonlinear Electronics 1

Brahim Haraoubia Author

Advances in Bioorganometallic...

Toshikazu Hirao Editor
Toshiyuki Moriuchi Editor

The Human Challenge of...

Philippe Bardy Author

Deepwater Drilling

Peter Aird Author

Measuring Mental Disorders

Philippe Le Moigne Editor

Nutrition and Skeletal Muscle

Stéphane Walrand Editor

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen

Viktor Hacker Editor
Shigenori Mitsushima Editor

Transportation Cyber-Physical...

Lipika Deka Editor
Mashrur Chowdhury Editor

Risk Adjustment, Risk Sharing...

Thomas G. McGuire Editor
Richard C. Van Kleef Editor


Alireza Minagar Editor

Oxidants, Antioxidants, and...

Ralf Henkel Editor
Luna Samanta Editor

Badlands Dynamics in a...

Estela Nadal-Romero Editor
Juan F. Martinez-Murillo Editor