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The Myth of Capitalism

Jonathan Tepper Author
Denise Hearn Author

J.K. Lasser's Your Income Tax...

J.K. Lasser (Series)

J.K. Lasser Institute Author

Reading Financial Reports For...

Lita Epstein Author

Sample Sizes for Clinical,...

David Machin Author
Michael J. Campbell Author

Noble Gas Chemistry

Felice Grandinetti Author

Water and Sanitation-Related...

Janine M. H. Selendy Editor

Biological Anthropology of...

M. Anne Katzenberg Editor
Anne L. Grauer Editor

The Management of Living...

Delphine Van Hoorebeke Author

Chemical Regulation in the...

Michael S. Wenk Author

Fundamentals of Network...

Ajay R. Mishra Author

Risk Assessment

Edward A. McBean Author

Audio Source Separation and...

Emmanuel Vincent Editor
Tuomas Virtanen Editor

Panel Data Econometrics with R

Yves Croissant Author
Giovanni Millo Author

Protecting-Group-Free Organic...

Rodney A. Fernandes Editor

The Consumer-Resource...

Claude Lobry Author

Formation Control of Multiple...

Hugh H. T. Liu Author
Bo Zhu Author

Ronald E. Goldstein's...

Ronald E. Goldstein Editor
Stephen J. Chu Editor

Risk Communication

Regina E. Lundgren Author
Andrea H. McMakin Author

Optimization Techniques and...

Xin-She Yang Author

Economics of Sustainable Energy

Jaan S. Islam Author
M. R. Islam Author

Urban Pollution

Susanne M. Charlesworth Editor
Colin A. Booth Editor

Immittance Spectroscopy

Mohammad A. Alim Author

Sherlock's Diseases of the...

James S. Dooley Editor
Anna S. F. Lok Editor

Transdisciplinary Engineering...

Atila Ertas Author


Patrick K. Jjemba Author

Memories for the Intelligent...

Betty Prince Author
David Prince Author

From Invention to Patent

Steven H. Voldman Author

Introduction to One Health

Sharon L. Deem Author
Kelly E. Lane-deGraaf Author

Multi-terminal High-voltage...

Bo Zhang Author
Dongyuan Qiu Author

Measurement While Drilling

Wilson C. Chin Author

Turbulent Fluid Flow

Peter S. Bernard Author

Handbook of Chemical Looping...

Ronald W. Breault Editor

Embarrassment of Product...

Michel Millot Author

Infrared Spectroscopy of...

Pierre-Richard Dahoo Author
Azzedine Lakhlifi Author

Food Security and Climate Change

Shyam Singh Yadav Editor
Robert J. Redden Editor

Principles of Forensic...

Luca Fiorentini Author
Luca Marmo Author

Fishes in Lagoons and...

Mohamed Hichem Kara Author
Jean-Pierre Quignard Author

Der Service Guide

Michael Thissen Author

Digital Rebirth

Marius Leibold Author
Sven C. Voelpel Author

Smith's Textbook of Endourology

Arthur D. Smith Editor
Glenn Preminger Editor

Sports Dentistry

Peter D. Fine Editor
Chris Louca Editor

Designing Social Research

Norman Blaikie Author
Jan Priest Author

Catalytic Chemical Vapor...

Hideki Matsumura Author
Hironobu Umemoto Author

Complex Biological Systems

Irina R. Fomina Editor
Karl Y. Biel Editor

High Performance Technical...

Roshan Paul Editor

Sex Control in Aquaculture

Hanping Wang Editor
Francesc Piferrer Editor

Modern Computational Finance

Antoine Savine Author
Leif Andersen Other

City Logistics 3

Eiichi Taniguchi Editor
Russell G. Thompson Editor