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Demystifying the Brain

V. Srinivasa Chakravarthy Author

Understanding China's...

Klaus Heinrich Raditio Author

Interpersonal Coordination

Nobuyuki Inui Author

A Brief Overview of China's...

Daiqing Zhao Author
Wenjun Wang Author

Water Resources and...

Maheswaran Rathinasamy Editor
S. Chandramouli Editor

The Market Economy as a...

Hiroto Tsukada Author

Fungal Cellulolytic Enzymes

Xu Fang Editor
Yinbo Qu Editor

Knowing with New Media

Lena Redman Author

Photocarcinogenesis &...

Ratan Singh Ray Editor
Chandana Haldar Editor

Blunt Abdominal Trauma in...

Rizwan Ahmad Khan Editor
Shagufta Wahab Editor

Endovascular Surgery and Devices

Zaiping Jing Editor
Huajuan Mao Editor

Atlas of Perforator Flap and...

He-ping Zheng Author
Jian Lin Author

Anesthesia in Day Care Surgery

M.m. Begani Editor
Dheeraj V. Mulchandani Editor

Population, Development, and...

Helen James Editor

Mental Health and Wellbeing...

Jamie Mcphie Author

Metallogenic Mechanism of the...

Springer Theses (Series)

Miao Yu Author

Structural Health Monitoring...

Yang Deng Author
Aiqun Li Author

Ageing and Digital Technology

Barbara Barbosa Neves Editor
Frank Vetere Editor

Guns & Roses

Steven Ratuva Editor
Radomir Compel Editor

Internet Addiction Among...

Qiaolei Jiang Author

Rethinking the Curriculum

Orlando Nang Kwok Ho Author

Understanding China's...

Dianqing Xu Author
Ying Liu Author

Income Distribution, Market...

Asim K. Dasgupta Author

Knowledge-Driven Governance

Lihua Yang Author

Business Innovation and ICT...

Sriram Birudavolu Author
Biswajit Nag Author

Semionauts of Tradition

Juliette Yu-ming Lizeray Author
Chee-Hoo Lum Author

Regional Innovation Index of...

Xielin Liu Author
Taishan Gao Author

Modernization Through...

Bo Kong Author

Nexus of Resilience and...

Mika Shimizu Author
Allen L. Clark Author

Dynamic Learning Spaces in...

Veena Kapur Editor
Sudipta Ghose Editor

Creative Innovative Firms...

Young Won Park Author
Paul Hong Author

New Polymeric Materials Based...

Yoshiki Chujo Editor

m-Mode SVPWM Technique for...

CPSS Power Electronics (Series)

Bo Zhang Author
Dongyuan Qiu Author

Enacted Personal Professional...

Carmel Patterson Author

Education and Development in...

Jandhyala B.g. Tilak Author

Clinical Gastrointestinal...

Hoon Jai Chun Editor
Suk-kyun Yang Editor

Model Predictive Control

Ridong Zhang Author
Anke Xue Author

Wearable and Wireless Systems...

Smart Sensors, Measurement and Instrumentation (Series)

Robert Lemoyne Author
Timothy Mastroianni Author

The Social Life of Sound

Sophia Maalsen Author

Radical Collegiality through...

Roseanna Bourke Editor
Judith Loveridge Editor

Community Pest Management in...

Tanya M. Howard Author
Theodore R. Alter Author

Developmental Dysplasia and...

Kuo-an Lai Editor

DNA Repair Disorders

Chikako Nishigori Editor
Kaoru Sugasawa Editor

Silk Road to Belt Road

Md. Nazrul Islam Editor

The Art and Science of Thread...

Bongcheol Kim Author
Seungmin Oh Author

Laugh out Loud

Barbara Plester Author
Kerr Inkson Author

Basic and Applied Zooplankton...

Perumal Santhanam Editor
Ajima Begum Editor