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Dreyer's English

Benjamin Dreyer Author

Reader, Come Home

Maryanne Wolf Author

Under Fire

April Ryan Author
Tamron Hall Author of introduction, etc.

A Deal with the Devil

Blake Ellis Author
Melanie Hicken Author

Wit's End

James Geary Author


Gaston Dorren Author

P Is for Pterodactyl

Raj Haldar Author
Maria Beddia Illustrator

Merchants of Truth

Jill Abramson Author

How to Behave Badly in...

Ruth Goodman Author

Dirty John and Other True...

Christopher Goffard Author

Save the Cat! Writes a Novel

Jessica Brody Author

Planet Funny

Ken Jennings Author

Wonderbook (Revised and...

Jeff VanderMeer Author

Style Guide

Economist (Series)

The Economist Author

Write to the Point

Sam Leith Author

West of the West

Mark Arax Author

Хочу говорить красиво!...

Ром, Наталья Author

Простой English

Виноградов, Алексей Author


(美)戴尔·卡耐基 Author

Your Country, Our War

Katherine A. Brown Author

Augmented Communication

Richard S. Pinner Author

Oui Love Cuisine

Oui Love French (Series)

Ethan Safron Author

Forschen lernen

Martin Gertler Author

Meet the Hummingbird

Meet the Animals (Series)

Caitlind L. Alexander Author

Come on! Vocabulario

Verena Lechner Author

Creative Writing Course

Craig's Books on Writing and "the Writing Journey" (Series)

Craig Lock Author

7 Costly Mistakes When...

Jenn Foster Author
Melanie Johnson Author

Animal Architects

National Geographic Readers (Series)

National Geographic Kids Author

Science Libraries in the Self...

Alvin Hutchinson Author

Manual of Romance...

Manuals of Romance Linguistics (Series)

Wendy Ayres-Bennett Editor
Janice Carruthers Editor

Collecting and Exhibiting...

Routledge Research in Museum Studies (Series)

Petrina Foti Author

Regional Parallelism and...

Muhammad Jameel Yusha'u Author


Antón Losada Author
javier Pérez Royo Author

The Art

Craig's Books on the Writing and Publishing Journey (Series)

Craig Lock Author

Modern Selfhood in Translation

New Frontiers in Translation Studies (Series)

Limin Chi Author

Formater un ebook et le publier

Roland Nyns Author


Koloniale und Postkoloniale Linguistik / Colonial and Postcolonial Linguistics (KPL/CPL) (Series)

Thomas Stolz Editor
Ingo H. Warnke Editor

A B C of Branches of Science...


DR. MEMO Author

12 Top Tips from the founder...

Invoke Books Author

The Reconstruction of...

Corpora and Intercultural Studies (Series)

Xin Li Author

El artículo indefinido

Julia Pozas Loyo Author

Science for English Language...

Professional Resources (Series)

Dolores Beltran Author
Lilia E. Sarmiento Author


My Words Readers (Series)

Dona Herweck Rice Author

The Routledge Handbook of...

Routledge Handbooks in English Language Studies (Series)

Philip Seargeant Editor
Ann Hewings Editor

Russian Through Art

Anna S. Kudyma Author
Olga E. Kagan Author

Lexique Apicole

Eric Leroy Author
Leroy Agency Press Editor


馮歡 Author