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European Identity and the...

Salomi Boukala Author

Discourses of Ageing and Gender

Clare Anderson Author

Positioning Theory in Applied...

Hayriye Kayı-aydar Author

Word Order in Turkish

Studies in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory (Series)

A. Sumru ÖZsoy Editor

Augmented Communication

Richard S. Pinner Author

Analyzing Digital Discourse

Patricia Bou-franch Editor
Pilar Garcés-conejos Blitvich Editor

Regional Parallelism and...

Muhammad Jameel Yusha'u Author

The Structure and Governance...

Giorgia Pavani Author

New Approaches to Translation...

Palgrave Studies in Languages at War (Series)

Lucía Pintado Gutiérrez Editor
Alicia Castillo Villanueva Editor

Linguistic Ethnography of a...

Communicating in Professions and Organizations (Series)

Johanna Woydack Author

Further Advances in...

Perspectives in Pragmatics, Philosophy & Psychology (Series)

Alessandro Capone Editor
Marco Carapezza Editor

Queerness in Play

Palgrave Games in Context (Series)

Todd Harper Editor
Meghan Blythe Adams Editor

Gameful Second and Foreign...

New Language Learning and Teaching Environments (Series)

Jonathon Reinhardt Author

French Language Policies and...

Michelle A. Harrison Editor
Aurélie Joubert Editor

Representations of Poverty...

Laura L Paterson Author

Women Through Anti-Proverbs

Anna T. Litovkina Author

Difficulty in Poetry

Davide Castiglione Author

English Language Teaching...

Sahbi Hidri Editor

Novice Writers and Scholarly...

Pejman Habibie Editor
Ken Hyland Editor

The Palgrave Handbook of...

Michael Kelly Editor
Hilary Footitt Editor

Re-Evaluating Women's Page...

Kimberly Wilmot Voss Author

Gender, Discourse and...

Palgrave Studies in Language, Gender and Sexuality (Series)

Federica Formato Author

Irish Traveller Language

Palgrave Studies in Minority Languages and Communities (Series)

Maria Rieder Author

Translating across Sensory...

Madeleine Campbell Editor
Ricarda Vidal Editor

Populist Discourse

Marcia Macaulay Editor

Embodied Activities in...

Elisabeth Reber Editor
Cornelia Gerhardt Editor

German Political Thought and...

Paul Bishop Author

Discourses from Latin America...

Eleonora Esposito Editor
Carolina Pérez-arredondo Editor

Learner Narratives of...

Patrick Kiernan Author

Contacts and Contrasts in...

Second Language Learning and Teaching (Series)

Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk Editor

Digital Investigative Journalism

Oliver Hahn Editor
Florian Stalph Editor

The Future Foreign Correspondent

Saba Bebawi Author
Mark Evans Author

Turkish Natural Language...

Theory and Applications of Natural Language Processing (Series)

Kemal Oflazer Editor
Murat Saraçlar Editor

Grammatical Approaches to...

Studies in Theoretical Psycholinguistics (Series)

Katy Carlson Editor
Charles Clifton, Jr. Editor

Language Analysis for the...

Language Policy (Series)

Peter L. Patrick Editor
Monika S. Schmid Editor

Public Humanities and the...

Palgrave Studies in Cultural Heritage and Conflict (Series)

Alison Ribeiro de Menezes Editor
Antonio Cazorla-sánchez Editor

Multilingualism and...

Palgrave Studies in Teaching and Learning Chinese (Series)

Danping Wang Author

Feminism in Play

Palgrave Games in Context (Series)

Kishonna L. Gray Editor
Gerald Voorhees Editor

A Critical Introduction to...

SpringerBriefs in Linguistics (Series)

Ljiljana Progovac Author

Inference in Argumentation

Argumentation Library (Series)

Eddo Rigotti Author
Sara Greco Author

International Perspectives on...

International Perspectives on English Language Teaching (Series)

Mario E. López-Gopar Editor

Trump's Media War

Catherine Happer Editor
Andrew Hoskins Editor

The Discourse of Security

Malcolm N. Macdonald Author
Duncan Hunter Author

Using Pedagogic Intervention...

Gaiyan Wang Author


Dario Llinares Editor
Neil Fox Editor

Public Service Broadcasting...

Eva Połońska Editor
Charlie Beckett Editor

Quantifying Approaches to...

Postdisciplinary Studies in Discourse (Series)

Ronny Scholz Editor

Linguistic and Cognitive...

Studies in Theoretical Psycholinguistics (Series)

Katalin É. Kiss Editor
Tamás Zétényi Editor