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Foodborne Disease Handbook

Y. H. Hui Author

Applied Sensory Analy of Foods

HowardR. Moskowitz Author

Principles of...

Jeffrey M. Farber Editor

Introduction to Food...

Contemporary Food Science (Series)

Perry Johnson-Green Author

Handbook of Halal Food...

Mian N. Riaz Editor
Muhammad M. Chaudry Editor

Non-thermal Processing of Foods

O. P. Chauhan Editor

Consumer Perception of Food...

Shigeru Matsumoto Editor
Tsunehiro Otsuki Editor

The Regulation of Dietary...

Stephen J. Pintauro Author

Science and Technology of...

Deepak Kumar Verma Editor
Prem Prakash Srivastav Editor

Flavors for Nutraceutical and...

Nutraceuticals (Series)

M. Selvamuthukumaran Editor
Yashwant Pathak Editor

Preservation of Food by...

Peter Josephson Author

More Cooking Innovations

Amos Nussinovitch Author
Madoka Hirashima Author

Principles of Risk Analysis

Charles Yoe Author

Nanoscience and...

Vellaichamy Chelladurai Author
Digvir S. Jayas Author

Experiencing Food, Designing...

Ricardo Bonacho Editor
Alcinda Pinheiro de Sousa Editor

Clostridium Botulinum

Andreas H. W. Hauschild Author

Seafood Safety and Quality

Food Biology (Series)

Md. Latiful Bari Editor
Koji Yamazaki Editor

Postharvest Extension and...

World Food Preservation Center Book (Series)

Majeed Mohammed Editor
Vijay Yadav Tokala Editor

Primer on Risk Analysis

Charles Yoe Author

Principles of Enzymology for...

John R. Whitaker Author

Hyperspectral Imaging...

Food Analysis & Properties (Series)

N.C. Basantia Editor
Leo M.L. Nollet Editor