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Political Advocacy for School...

Ann Dutton Ewbank Author

Mental Illness in Young Adult...

Kia Jane Richmond Author

Reading Engagement for Tweens...

Margaret K. Merga Author

Making Surveys Work for Your...

Robin Miller Author
Kate Hinnant Author

American Journalism and "Fake...

Contemporary Debates (Series)

Seth Ashley Author
Jessica Roberts Author

Guided Inquiry Goes Global

Lee Fitzgerald Author
Ross J. Todd Author of introduction, etc.

Using Technology to Support...

Karen S. Ivers Author

Elementary Educator's Guide...

Tom Bober Author

Power Searching the Internet

Nicole Hennig Author

Transforming Information...

Amy R. Hofer Author
Silvia Lin Hanick Author

Information Literacy for...

Alex Berrio Matamoros Author

Working as a Data Librarian

Eric O. Johnson Author

Storytime and Beyond

Kathy Barco Author
Melanie Borski-Howard Author

Engaging Design

Emy Nelson Decker Author
Seth M. Porter Author

Information Literacy and...

Denise E. Agosto Editor

Crash Course in Disaster...

Crash Course (Series)

Carmen Cowick Author

Crowdsource Your Library,...

Sara A. Fiore Author

Political Speech as a Weapon

Sylvia Gonzalez-Gorman Author

Siri, Alexa, and Other...

Nicole Hennig Author

Short-Term Staff, Long-Term...

Nora J. Bird Editor
Michael A. Crumpton Editor

Teaching Coding through Game...

Sarah Kepple Author

The Complete Guide to RFPs...

Frances C. Wilkinson Editor
Sever Bordeianu Editor

The Reference Librarian's Bible

Steven W. Sowards Editor
Juneal Chenoweth Editor

Practical Steps to Digital...

Deborah B. Stanley Author

Oral History in Your Library

Cyns Nelson Author
Adam Speirs Author

Public Library Programs and...

Reneé K. Bennett-Kapusniak Author

Makers with a Cause

Gina Seymour Author

Cultivating Connected Learning

Libraries Unlimited Professional Guides for Young Adult Librarians (Series)

Megan E. Barrett Author
Rebecca J. Ranallo Author

A to Zoo

Rebecca L. Thomas Author

Guided Inquiry Design®...

Leslie K. Maniotes Author

Boost Your STEAM Program With...

Liz Knowles Ed.D. Author
Martha Smith Author