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A Gamer's Wish

Hidden Wishes (Series)

Tao Wong Author
Patrick Zeller Narrator

Zwei Erzählungen von Joachim...

Pickpocket Edition (Series)

Joachim Ringelnatz Author
Robert Meier Narrator

轮回剑主 1 (Transmigration of...

轮回剑主 (Series)

风起夏天 Author
海风 Narrator

Tigerauge, Episode 7--Fantasy...

Academy of Shapeshifters (Series)

Amber Auburn Author
Marlene Rauch Narrator

Erwachen des...

Jennifer L. Armentrout Author
Jacob Weigert Narrator

Claimed by a Dragon

Fallen Immortals (Series)

Book 9

Alisa Woods Author
Holly Warren Narrator

The Deathless (The Deathless...

The Deathless Trilogy (Series)

Peter Newman Author
Emma Newman Narrator

Marked by a Dragon

Fallen Immortals (Series)

Book 8

Alisa Woods Author
Holly Warren Narrator

Beyond the Veil

Fantasy and Paranormal Short Stories (Series)

Brian Rathbone Author
Brian Rathbone Narrator

The Shop at Hoopers Bend

Emily Rodda Author
Wendy Bos Narrator

A Reaper at the Gates

Ember in the Ashes (Series)

Book 3

Sabaa Tahir Author
Fiona Hardingham Narrator

The Legend of Greg

An Epic of Failures (Series)

Chris Rylander Author
Robbie Daymond Narrator

The Bird and the Sword

Amy Harmon Narrator
Trina Nishimura Narrator

The Boys of Summer

Richard Cox Narrator
A. T. Chandler Narrator

Hard-Boiled Wonderland and...

Haruki Murakami Author
Kirby Heyborne Narrator

Hunting Trip

Hidden Blood (Series)

Book 3

Al K. Line Author
Emma Powell Narrator

The Lost Ranger--An Alex...

Ranger (Series)

Book 1

Charles Lamb Author
Travis Baldree Narrator

The Second Summoning

Keeper's Chronicles (Series)

Book 2

Tanya Huff Author
Amy Melissa Bentley Narrator

The Seventh Door

Children of the Bard (Series)

Book 3

Bryan Davis Author
Tim Lundeen Narrator

Ocean Light

Psy-Changeling Trinity (Series)

Book 2

Nalini Singh Author
Angela Dawe Narrator


Shifter Royalty Trilogy (Series)

Book 1

S. Dalambakis Author
Laurel Schroeder Narrator

Dark Dreams and Dead Things

Dead Things (Series)

Book 2

Martina McAtee Author
Kristin Watson Heintz Narrator

The Traveler's Summit

Andy Andrews Author
Andy Andrews Narrator

The Urth of the New Sun

The Book of the New Sun (Series)

Book 5

Gene Wolfe Author
Jonathan Davis Narrator


Jacqueline Carey Author
Caitlin Davies Narrator

The Dragon's Path

Dagger and the Coin (Series)

Book 1

Daniel Abraham Author
Pete Bradbury Narrator

Darkness Unleashed

Sky Brooks (Series)

Book 6

McKenzie Hunter Author
Jorjeana Marie Narrator

The Tell All

Locust Point Mystery (Series)

Book 1

Libby Howard Author
Margaret Strom Narrator

We Are Where the Nightmares...

C. Robert Cargill Author
James Patrick Cronin Narrator

Before the Storm (World of...

World of Warcraft (Series)

Christie Golden Author
Josh Keaton Narrator

Faery Born

War Faery Trilogy (Series)

Book 1

Donna Joy Usher Author
Rachael Beresford Narrator

Stolen by the Alpha Wolf

Chosen (Series)

Book 2

Charlene Hartnady Author
Tatiana Sokolov Narrator

Born of Darkness

Midnight Breed Hunter Legacy (Series)

Book 1

Lara Adrian Author
Roger Wayne Narrator

The Queen and the Cure

The Bird and the Sword Chronicles (Series)

Book 2

Amy Harmon Author
Steve West Narrator

Reign of Ash

The Chosen (Series)

Book 2

Meg Anne Author
Noelle Bridges Narrator

The Shadow of Earth

Expansion: the History of the Galaxy (Series)

Book 2

Andrei Livadny Author
Aaron Shedlock Narrator

Wolf and the Holly

Rowan Harbor Cycle (Series)

Book 2

Sam Burns Author
Chris Chambers Narrator

Treasure of the Abyss

Kraken (Series)

Book 1

Tiffany Roberts Author
Ryan Turner Narrator

The Ephemeral Passage

Thorn Osgood Author
Amy Landon Narrator


Sulan (Series)

Camille Picott Author
Gwendolyn Druyor Narrator

Alexander Ranch

Marla Josephs Author
Jaime Lamchick Narrator

The Iron Woman

Ted Hughes Author
Andrew Davidson Illustrator

Look Homeward Angel

Aaron Sapiro Author
Aaron Sapiro Narrator

Brief Cases

Dresden Files (Series)

Jim Butcher Author
James Marsters Narrator

Blood and Sand

C. V. Wyk Author
Brittany Pressley Narrator

Guardians of the Taiga

Wild Rescuers (Series)

StacyPlays Author
StacyPlays Narrator

Lions & Liars

Kate Beasley Author
Robbie Daymond Narrator

King Arthur

Philip Edwards Author
Mark Topping Narrator