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Dare to Lead

Brené Brown Author
Brené Brown Narrator

Atomic Habits

James Clear Author
James Clear Narrator

Daring Greatly

Brené Brown Author
Brené Brown Narrator

Digital Minimalism

Cal Newport Author
Will Damron Narrator


Doris Kearns Goodwin Author
Intro and Afterword Read by the Author Narrator

Your Money or Your Life

Vicki Robin Author
Joe Dominguez Author

The Dichotomy of Leadership

Jocko Willink Author
Leif Babin Author

The Laws of Human Nature

Robert Greene Author
Paul Michael Narrator

This Is Marketing

Seth Godin Author
Seth Godin Narrator

The 5 AM Club

Robin Sharma Author
Adam Verner Narrator

Brave, Not Perfect

Reshma Saujani Author
Reshma Saujani Narrator

Billion Dollar Whale

Tom Wright Author
Bradley Hope Author

The Bullet Journal Method

Ryder Carroll Author
Ryder Carroll Narrator

Success Habits

Napoleon Hill Author
Peter Ganim Narrator

Financial Freedom

Grant Sabatier Author
Vicki Robin Author of introduction, etc.

The Compound Effect

Darren Hardy Author

Women & Money

Suze Orman Author
Nancy Linari Narrator

The 30-Day Money Cleanse

Ashley Feinstein Gerstley Author
Teri Schnaubelt Narrator


Carol S. Dweck Author
Bernadette Dunne Narrator

Make Time

Jake Knapp Author
John Zeratsky Author

The Dumb Things Smart People...

Jill Schlesinger Author
Jill Schlesinger Narrator

Off the Clock

Laura Vanderkam Author
Laura Vanderkam Narrator

Life After Google

George Gilder Author
Eric Michael Summerer Narrator

The Personality Brokers

Merve Emre Author
Ellen Archer Narrator

Bad with Money

Gaby Dunn Author
Gaby Dunn Narrator


Chris Bailey Author
Chris Bailey Narrator

Work Optional

Tanja Hester Author


Scott Harrison Author
Lisa Sweetingham Contributor

It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy...

Jason Fried Author
David Heinemeier Hansson Author


John C. Maxwell Author
John C. Maxwell Narrator

Be Fearless

Jean Case Author
Jean Case Narrator


Stanley Mcchrystal Author
Jeff Eggers Author

Mastering Fear

Brandon Webb Author
John David Mann Author


Adam Tooze Author
Simon Vance Narrator

From the Ground Up

Howard Schultz Author
Howard Schultz Narrator


Steven Brill Author
Dan Woren Narrator

Jell-O Girls

Allie Rowbottom Author

Out of the Maze

Spencer Johnson Author
Ken Blanchard Author of afterword, colophon, etc.


Steven Johnson Author
George Newbern Narrator

Give People Money

Annie Lowrey Author
Annie Lowrey Narrator

Valley of Genius

Adam Fisher Author
Pete Larkin Narrator

Daring Greatly

Brené Brown Author
Brené Brown Narrator

The Future is Asian

Parag Khanna Author
Nezar Alderazi Narrator

Thanks a Thousand

TED (Series)

A. J. Jacobs Author
A. J. Jacobs Narrator

Leading from Purpose

Nick Craig Author
Brené Brown Author of introduction, etc.

No Hard Feelings

Liz Fosslien Author
Mollie West Duffy Author

The Alter Ego Effect

Todd Herman Author
Todd Herman Narrator

Right Here, Right Now

Stephen J. Harper Author
Stephen J. Harper Narrator