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Queen of Air and Darkness

The Dark Artifices (Series)

Cassandra Clare Author
James Marsters Narrator

Prisoner of Night

Black Dagger Brotherhood (Series)

J.R. Ward Author
Jim Frangione Narrator

European Travel for the...

The Extraordinary Adventures of the Athena Club (Series)

Theodora Goss Author
Kate Reading Narrator


Slayer (Series)

Kiersten White Author
Madeleine Maby Narrator

The Lost Queen

The Lost Queen (Series)

Book 1

Signe Pike Author
Toni Frutin Narrator

A Novel

The Line Between (Series)

Tosca Lee Author
Cassandra Campbell Narrator

Crown of Feathers

Crown of Feathers (Series)

Book 1

Nicki Pau Preto Author
Samantha Desz Narrator

Dragon Ghosts

The Unwanteds Quests (Series)

Book 3

Lisa McMann Author
Fiona Hardingham Narrator

The Three Secret Cities

Jack West, Jr. (Series)

Book 5

Matthew Reilly Author
Sean Mangan Narrator

The Devil's Thief

Last Magician (Series)

Book 2

Lisa Maxwell Author
Candace Thaxton Narrator

Rebels of Eden

Children of Eden (Series)

Joey Graceffa Author
Sarah Grayson Narrator

A Conspiracy of Truths

Alexandra Rowland Author
James Langton Narrator

The Cold Is in Her Bones

Peternelle van Arsdale Author
Candace Thaxton Narrator

The Completionist

Siobhan Adcock Author
Jacques Roy Narrator

Mage Against the Machine

Shaun Barger Author
Robin Eller Narrator