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Giants, Fairies and Boggarts

Charles Hardwick Author

Fairy Tale as Myth/Myth as...

Jack Zipes Author

Breaking the Magic Spell

Jack Zipes Author

Crime and its Causes

William Douglas Morrison Author

Roman Life in the Days of Cicero

Alfred John Church Author

Bomb Canada and Other Unkind...

Global Peace Studies (Series)

Chantal Allan Author

Early Explorers

Little World Social Studies (Series)

Ellen Mitten Author


Lafcadio Hearn Author


John Lyde Wilson Author

Without Apology

Shannon Stettner Editor

Deaf and Dumb

Elizabeth Sandham Author

History of the Kingdom of Siam

Francois Henri Turpin Author
Basil Osborne Cartwright Translator

Spirits of Earth

Wisconsin Land and Life (Series)

Robert A. Birmingham Author

Raising Racists

Kristina DuRocher Author

What to Do?

Leo Tolstoy Author
Isabel Florence Hapgood Translator

Respecting Diversity

Social Skills (Series)

Anastasia Suen Author

Sexual Assault in Canada

Elizabeth A. Sheehy Editor

Mankind in the Making

H. G. Wells Author

Fantasia of the Unconscious

D. H. Lawrence Author

An Accursed Race

Elizabeth Gaskell Author

Facts and Fictions of Life

Helen H. Gardener Author

Psychology and Social Sanity

Hugo Munsterberg Author

The Frontier in American History

Frederick Jackson Turner Author

Ghostly Phenomena

Elliot O'Donnell Author

The Profits of Religion

Upton Sinclair Author

New Worlds for Old

H. G. Wells Author

African American Fraternities...

Tamara L. Brown Editor
Gregory S. Parks Editor

The Malay Archipelago

Alfred Russell Wallace Author

Travels in a Gay Nation

Living Out: Gay and Lesbian Autobiog (Series)

Philip Gambone Author

James and Esther Cooper Jackson

Civil Rights and the Struggle for Black Equality in the Twentieth Century (Series)

Sara Rzeszutek Haviland Author

Canadian Cities

Social Studies (Series)

Vera Trembach Author

Domestic Manners of the...

Frances Trollope Author

Freedom Rights

Danielle L. McGuire Editor
John Dittmer Editor

Mind Candy

Lawrence Watt-Evans Author

Utopia of Usurers and Other...

G. K. Chesterton Author

An Account of Egypt

Herodotus Author
G. C. Macaulay Translator


H. G. Wells Author

The Seven Ages of Man

Ralph Bergengren Author

A Woman's Wage

Alice Kessler-Harris Author

Food and Everyday Life on...

Kentucky Remembered: an Oral History (Series)

John Van Willigen Author
Anne van Willigen Author

Canadian Governments and...

Social Studies (Series)

Kris Graupe Author

Yes We Did?

Cynthia Griggs Fleming Author
Eleanor Holmes Norton Author of introduction, etc.

Letters on England

Voltaire Author

Liberalism, Surveillance, and...

The West Unbound: Social and Cultural Studies (Series)

Keith D. Smith Author

Arab and Jewish Women in...

Nora Rose Moosnick Author

Leaving Iran

Goldin Farideh Author

Kentucky Folklore

Gerald Alvey Author