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Elton John Author

Dear Girls

Ali Wong Author

Inside Out

Demi Moore Author

Know My Name

Chanel Miller Author

The Yellow House

National Book Award Winner (Series)

Sarah M. Broom Author

Wild Game

Adrienne Brodeur Author

She Said

Jodi Kantor Author
Megan Twohey Author

Over the Top

Jonathan Van Ness Author

Home Work

Julie Andrews Author
Emma Walton Hamilton Author

Permanent Record

Edward Snowden Author

The Education of an Idealist

Samantha Power Author

How to Be an Antiracist

Ibram X. Kendi Author

The Ride of a Lifetime

Robert Iger Author

The Book of Gutsy Women

Hillary Rodham Clinton Author
Chelsea Clinton Author

Call Sign Chaos

Jim Mattis Author
Bing West Author

Life Undercover

Amaryllis Fox Author

The United States of Trump

Bill O'Reilly Author

How We Fight for Our Lives

Saeed Jones Author


Megan Phelps-Roper Author

My Friend Anna

Rachel DeLoache Williams Author

Tough Love

Susan Rice Author

Chase Darkness with Me

Billy Jensen Author
Karen Kilgariff Author of introduction, etc.

Letters from an Astrophysicist

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Author

The Ghosts of Eden Park

Karen Abbott Author

Best Friends

Real Friends (Series)

Book 2

Shannon Hale Author
LeUyen Pham Illustrator

Toil & Trouble

Augusten Burroughs Author

When Life Gives You Pears

Jeannie Gaffigan Author


Christopher Leonard Author

Medallion Status

John Hodgman Author

From the Ashes

Jesse Thistle Author

Is There Still Sex in the City?

Candace Bushnell Author

They Called Us Enemy

George Takei Author
Justin Eisinger Author

Things We Didn't Talk About...

Jeannie Vanasco Author

Renia's Diary

Renia Spiegel Author
Elizabeth Bellak Contributor

Horror Stories

Liz Phair Author

The Less People Know About Us

Axton Betz-Hamilton Author

Rachael Ray 50

Rachael Ray Author

Five Days Gone

Laura Cumming Author


Christopher Wylie Author

Where Do I Begin?

Elvis Duran Author

If You Lived Here You'd Be...

Christopher Ingraham Author

I'm Telling the Truth, but...

Bassey Ikpi Author

Modern Love

Daniel Jones Editor
Andrew Rannells Contributor

Thank You for My Service

Mat Best Author
Ross Patterson Author

High School

Sara Quin Author
Tegan Quin Author

The Ungrateful Refugee

Dina Nayeri Author

A Republic, If You Can Keep It

Neil Gorsuch Author

River of Fire

Helen Prejean Author