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10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This...

Elif Shafak Author

The Man Who Saw Everything

Deborah Levy Author

The Anarchy

William Dalrymple Author

The Madness of Crowds

Douglas Murray Author

The Price We Pay

Marty Makary Author

A Nice Cup of Tea

Celia Imrie Author

Some Places More Than Others

Renée Watson Author

Soviet T-55 Main Battle Tank

James Kinnear Author
Stephen Sewell Author

Entertaining the Troops

Shire Library (Series)

Kiri Bloom Walden Author

Liberty or Death

Philip Jowett Author

Getting the Little Blighters...

Claire Potter Author

The Long March 1934–35

Campaign (Series)

Benjamin Lai Author
Adam Hook Illustrator

Lisbon, City of the Sea

Malcolm Jack Author

With Him

Bruno Cadoré Author

Chinese Religion and Familism

Jordan Paper Author

Culture Shift

Kirsty Bashforth Author

Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes

Kid Normal (Series)

Greg James Author
Chris Smith Author

The Redeemed

The West Country Trilogy (Series)

Book 3

Tim Pears Author

Juvenile Justice

G S Bajpai Author

RSPB Spotlight Frogs and Toads

Jules Howard Author


Modern Plays (Series)

Al Smith Author


Cindy Kuzma Author
Carrie Jackson Cheadle Author

Rutherford and Son

Modern Plays (Series)

Githa Sowerby Author

The Great Shelby Holmes and...

Elizabeth Eulberg Author

Children's Writers' & Artists...

Writers' and Artists' (Series)

Bloomsbury Publishing Author

The Arisaka Rifle

Weapon (Series)

Bill Harriman Author
Peter Dennis Illustrator

The Joy of God

Mary David Author
St Cecilia's Abbey Author

Erdogan's Empire

Soner Cagaptay Author


Sara McCorquodale Author

Dark Skies

Tiffany Francis-Baker Author
Tiffany Francis-Baker Illustrator

How to Think Politically

James Bernard Murphy Author
Graeme Garrard Author

Regulatory Delivery

Civil Justice Systems (Series)

Graham Russell Author
Christopher Hodges Author

The Case That Shook the Empire

Raghu Palat Author
Pushpa Palat Author

Women's Writings from India,...

Rakhshanda Jalil Other
Debjani Sengupta Other

The Films That Made Me...

Peter Bradshaw Author

Tempest V vs Fw 190D-9

Duel (Series)

Robert Forsyth Author
Jim Laurier Illustrator

Song of the Free

Acharya Pundrik Goswami Author

The Lion and the Nightingale

Kaya Genç Author

Weapons of the US Special...

Weapon (Series)

Chris McNab Author
Johnny Shumate Illustrator

Attack of the Meteor Monsters

Maudlin Towers (Series)

Chris Priestley Author

Castagnaro 1387

Campaign (Series)

Kelly DeVries Author
Niccolò Capponi Author

Cassius Dio

Ancients in Action (Series)

Jesper Majbom Madsen Author

Genuine Fakes

Lydia Pyne Author

Time to Share

Time to.... (Series)

Penny Tassoni Author
Mel Four Illustrator

Bottle Grove

Daniel Handler Author

The Dragon Warrior

The Dragon Warrior (Series)

Book 1

Katie Zhao Author

The Man That Got Away

Constable Twitten Mystery (Series)

Book 2

Lynne Truss Author

Croc & Turtle

Mike Wohnoutka Author