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Susanna Clarke Author


TaraShea Nesbit Author

Shelter in Place

David Leavitt Author

Old Lovegood Girls

Gail Godwin Author

Nothing Can Hurt You

Nicola Maye Goldberg Author

A Saint from Texas

Edmund White Author

The Vanishing Sky

L. Annette Binder Author


Rob Doyle Author


Arlene Heyman Author

Things You Would Know If You...

Nancy Wayson Dinan Author

The Nice Series

Celia Imrie Author

Scatter Her Ashes

Thorkild Aske Mystery (Series)

Heine Bakkeid Author
Anne Bruce Translator

Campaign: Mariana & Palau...

Bolt Action (Series)

Warlord Games Author
Peter Dennis Illustrator

A Tamil Month

V Sanjay Kumar Author

Who Understands Comics?

Neil Cohn Author

Fate of Eight

Dhiraj Singh Author

The West Country Trilogy

The West Country Trilogy (Series)

Tim Pears Author