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Political Speech as a Weapon

Sylvia Gonzalez-Gorman Author

The History of Poland

The Greenwood Histories of the Modern Nations (Series)

M. B. B. Biskupski Author

The Vikings

Historical Facts and Fictions (Series)

Kirsten Wolf Author
Tristan Mueller-Vollmer Author

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Eric A. Croddy Editor
Jeffrey A. Larsen Editor

History of Arab Americans

Aminah Al-Deen Author

Understanding Jonestown and...

Rebecca Moore Author

Storytime and Beyond

Kathy Barco Author
Melanie Borski-Howard Author

The American Flag

John R. Vile Author

Transgender in the Workplace

Vanessa Sheridan Author
Mike Quigley Author of introduction, etc.

Food Allergies and Sensitivities

Q&A Health Guides (Series)

Alice C. Richer Author

African Religions

Douglas Thomas Editor
Temilola Alanamu Editor

Mental Illness in Young Adult...

Kia Jane Richmond Author

Teaching Coding through Game...

Sarah Kepple Author

Indian Treaties in the United...

Donald L. Fixico Editor

American Journalism and "Fake...

Contemporary Debates (Series)

Seth Ashley Author
Jessica Roberts Author

Japanese War Crimes during...

Frank Jacob Author

The World's Oceans

Rainer F. Buschmann Editor
Lance Nolde Editor

Transgender Health Issues

Health and Medical Issues Today (Series)

Sarah Boslaugh Author

Eating Disorders

Q&A Health Guides (Series)

Justine J. Reel Ph.D. Author

Guided Inquiry Design®...

Leslie K. Maniotes Author

Oral History in Your Library

Cyns Nelson Author
Adam Speirs Author

The Wise Inheritor's Guide to...

Charles A. Lowenhaupt Author

Midterm Campaigning and the...

Michael A. Julius Author

Peak Plastic

Jack Buffington Author

Encyclopedia of Romance Fiction

Kristin Ramsdell Editor

We Eat What? a Cultural...

Jonathan Deutsch Editor

What You Need to Know about...

Inside Diseases and Disorders (Series)

Christopher M. Cumo Author

Disability in American Life

Tamar Heller Editor
Sarah Parker Harris Editor

The World of Antebellum America

Daily Life Encyclopedias (Series)

Alexandra Kindell Editor

Guided Inquiry Goes Global

Lee Fitzgerald Author
Ross J. Todd Author of introduction, etc.

Youth Sports in America

Skye Arthur-Banning Editor

Modern American Extremism and...

Barry J. Balleck Author

Perpetrating the Holocaust

Paul R. Bartrop Author
Eve E. Grimm Author

Abortion in the United States

Contemporary World Issues (Series)

Dorothy E. McBride Author
Jennifer L. Keys Author

Classic Horror

Historical Explorations of Literature (Series)

Anne DeLong Author

Modern Genocide

Paul R. Bartrop Editor

The Biology of Beauty

Rachelle M. Smith Author

Using Technology to Support...

Karen S. Ivers Author

Branding with Powerful Stories

Greg Stone Author

Personality Disorders

Health and Psychology Source (Series)

Vera Sonja Maass Author

Money in American Politics

David Schultz Editor

From Smartphones to Social Media

Mark Carrier Author

Substance Abuse

Q&A Health Guides (Series)

Romeo Vitelli Author

U.S. Immigration Policy,...

Michael C. LeMay Author

The Complete Guide to RFPs...

Frances C. Wilkinson Editor
Sever Bordeianu Editor

Columbine, 20 Years Later and...

Jaclyn Schildkraut Author
Glenn W. Muschert Author

Documents of American Indian...

Eyewitness to History (Series)

Donna Martinez Author

Reading Engagement for Tweens...

Margaret K. Merga Author